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Chase Looks Set for Weekly Roller-Coaster


Contender Round poses tough task 

3 articles,courteousy Amanda Vincent
 (Thanks Amanda !!!):

NASCAR schedule and weather outlook for Kansas Speedway

Paul Menard gets new crew chief after Charlotte

Penalties for weight, substance abuse come out of Dover Nationwide race
Amanda Vincent


Change in the air: How will NASCAR's new rules for 2015 affect teams?

Joey Logano Foundation donates $5,000 to Carolina Breast Friends

Courteousy  NASCAR .com

Regan Smith staying with JRM in 2015 

Contender Round driver stats by track

Why Dale Jr. sent tweets of encouragement

Charlotte NNS race to be Drive for the Cure 300  

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5 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.              NASCAR America                                                 NBC Sports Network
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Today's Featured Commentary
Rhetorically Speaking
Professor of Speed

by Mark Howell

And then, there were twelve….

Last Sunday’s Sprint Cup race at Dover marked the transition from the Challenger Round of the Chase for the Championship to the Contender Round of NASCAR’s revamped post-season. Once the checkered flag flew over the Monster Mile, Jeff Gordon headed once again to Victory Lane, and the field of sixteen title candidates was culled to a mere dozen hopefuls.

But then, on Sunday, there was also a letter….

USA Today published an “open letter to the public” that had been submitted to the newspaper by Wendi Ward. Ms. Ward is the sister of Kevin Ward, Sr. and the aunt of the late Kevin Ward, Jr. Ward, Jr. was killed in the tragic sprint car accident that rocked the motorsports community to its core last month.

NASCAR Nation knows the story: the death, the blurry home video, the funeral, the investigation, the involvement of a grand jury, and Stewart’s acquittal after a few hours of deliberation. Perhaps the most stunning discovery to emerge from the process was the fact that Ward – according to the toxicology screening done during his autopsy – was found to be under (as quoted from USA Today) the “influence of marijuana at a high enough level to impair judgment.”

And so, the pillorying of the late Kevin Ward, Jr. began, and the aftermath of the entire ordeal prompted the Ward family – via the letter by Wendi Ward – to speak out in response to the situation.

Suddenly, there was more to think about on Sunday afternoon than Jeff Gordon’s win at Dover.

As the heading accompanying my essay states, I am known as “The Professor of Speed”. That’s because I am – in my “day job” – an actual college professor who teaches courses in composition, advanced writing, and assorted topics in popular culture. I have been teaching both college and university-level courses for almost 25 years (ugh!), so I have some experience with which to back up my title.

I have also been around motorsports (primarily NASCAR) since childhood, so I get the “speed” part, too….

Hence my interest in Wendi Ward’s letter. As an academic who spends most days reading, assessing, and scoring student writing – with emphasis on the crafting of argumentative essays – I felt compelled to critique Ms. Ward’s work through what students know as the technique of rhetorical analysis.

Simply put: how did Wendi Ward structure and support the statements she shared in her open letter to the public?

For starters, a letter “to the public” sends the writer down a most perilous path. The first rule of writing is to consider and/or predict your readership; writing for such a large and anonymous audience can set the rhetorical bar dangerously high. Perhaps Ward believed casting a wide net would snare readers seeking her family’s point of view regarding the grand jury’s ultimate decision.

As Wendi Ward put it: I want to say that no matter what people think or say, our family does not need others to determine what we feel or know about Kevin Ward, Jr. …. What I want people to understand are the questions.

Right here, the letter slides into speculation, and this is not the way to argue against statements already made public and supported with evidence. By posing questions, attempts at arguing an opposing perspective turns into an opinion-driven “laundry list” of accusations.

Again, according to Ms. Ward: Why was the toxicology report even an issue? Seems to me the wrong man was on trial. Tell me why Tony Stewart was not taken in for testing, why his car wasn’t impounded. Tell me how a man the size of Kevin can make a sprint car turn to the right on impact. Tell me how a lap before (the incident) everything was fine, but the following lap was poor lighting. Tell me how a NASCAR star totally forgot what caution means. Maybe he should get a different headset so he is able to hear on the radio that the car in caution is up high, so go low. Or was he low until he rounded the corner and saw Kevin, Jr. standing up for himself?

The late British philosopher Stephen Toulmin studied this aspect of argument: the use of hidden assumptions buried within layers of writing and the presence of what he called “warranting assumptions”. To Toulmin, each supporting statement carries with it an implied assumption, and these often questionable declarations suggest an agenda lurking behind a writer’s words.

So when questions are raised about inequities in the accident investigation, what we really get are biased accusations suggesting errors that blurred the truth behind the events of August 9th.

Unfortunately, the truth is elusive prey to catch….

To her credit, Wendi Ward suggests as much, but then she seems to rely on bias to gloss over the underlying assumption that Tony Stewart was cleared not because of relevant evidence, but because of his status within NASCAR: I guess we will never know why all of this was not taken into consideration. Or will we never know why a fellow driver did not check on this young man or his family? Or do we know why?

Ms. Ward then relies on a logical fallacy known as a “hasty generalization” to dismiss any further criticism: I do, because I have seen the video. It’s there, and it’s real…. I can’t speak for others…. I only hope some people take a minute to make sure they have done no wrong before throwing stones.

If Ward is acknowledging the fact that footage of the fatal event does indeed exist, she is correct. If Ward is suggesting the footage implicates Stewart in her nephew’s death, then she is suggesting that Stewart’s wealth and fame influenced the results of the entire investigation.

And here is where Wendi Ward seems to present her primary concern: the “high level” of marijuana mentioned in the autopsy’s toxicology report. Ms. Ward says: This means nothing to me, but I want to say it is my understanding that pot stays in a person’s system days, weeks, possibly months. Rumor has it that it may be legalized and prescribed for some patients, so then will these people have their drivers’ licenses taken away because it makes you react – supposedly — in a certain way? To me, that’s not the case. It’s known to mellow a person. We understand that the report showed marijuana, but we as a family don’t believe he was under the influence or impaired at the time due to the 10 hours prior to the race that he spent with the family.

Here is another example of a logical fallacy, this one known as a “red herring”. This fallacy involves using irrelevant or vague information in order to deliberately change the subject at hand. By suggesting that marijuana use is believed to result in little more than implied behaviors, Ward tries to insist that the toxicology report proved nothing regarding Kevin’s behavior both before and after the contact with Stewart’s car.

Ward’s focus, at this point, becomes not her nephew’s anger, but Tony Stewart’s. As she writes: What we do believe is that maybe people react to certain situations because of anger. I’ve seen it in NASCAR, sports functions and even on our own roads. And yes, these people have to pay for their actions. Well, I guess it depends on who you are.

This is called an ad hominem fallacy – an attack against a person’s character. The strategy serves as a nice place from which to make an appeal to the reader’s sense of emotion. How better to vindicate a wronged individual than by trumpeting all he stood for and all that has been lost?

In the words of Wendi Ward: Kevin Ward, Jr. was an amazing person. His life was wrapped around family, friends and racing, which he started at age 4. Just a small-town boy having fun until the days turned into years, and it then became his passion and life. The trophies, plaques and pictures that fill his home, garage and workshop show his hard work and dedication to racing – his love for the sport.Through it all, he had the support of his family and friends behind him. He opened his life to our community. As you would go by the shop where he and his dad worked on the car for the upcoming race or after a race, the doors would be wide open and there would always be people in and out wishing him luck, sharing a story, offering a hand or simply just standing there in their own way saying, “We’re here for you, bud.”…. The tracks that have since honored Kevin Ward, Jr. with memorial events, his name in the ESS (Empire Super Sprints) Hall of Fame, the many lives that have been changed forever – that’s all because of one person’s love and respect for others. And that, to me, is what a person is made of. His smile will forever be what gets us through.

Such familial and communal memories are important when compartmentalizing the brief life and racing career of Kevin Ward Jr. While Ward’s death was indeed tragic, one cannot help but consider the aftermath of the grand jury’s decision: the fact that the coroner’s toxicology report will keep Ward’s family from suing Tony Stewart for damages. Agree or not, the “high enough level” of marijuana in Ward’s system was enough to bring this painful story to its rightful close.

So, while driven by heart-wrenching emotion, personal opinions, and the feeling that the family’s story was overshadowed by Tony Stewart being found not guilty, Wendi Ward’s letter comes across as an attempt at catharsis, albeit one that could have been better constructed. This should have been treated as a first draft that led to a more rhetorically-sound finished version.

Ms. Ward’s letter does not warrant a grade. Losing her nephew and dealing with public scrutiny is more than most of us could rightfully handle….

Courteousy Sporting ( ):         

Courteousy USA (

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Courteousy ,The Stock Car Gazette (http://MotorSportsNews.Net)
(Thanks Heather !):
Goodyear Racing 2014 Kansas Speedway NASCAR (Oct.) Tire Fast Facts GOODYEAR TIRE NOTES NASCAR Sprint Cup Series -- Race No. 30 – Hollywood Casino 400 NASCAR Nationwide Series -- Race No. 29 -- Kansas Lottery 300 Kansas Speedway (1.5-mile ... - See more at:
Michael Lira Invited to NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity Combine Michael Lira, the seventeen-year-old race car driver and high school student from Port Orange, Florida, has been selected to compete for a spot in NASCAR through the NASCAR ... - See more at:
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Kansas City Star
Kansas Speedway bats leadoff in what might be the most treacherous round in NASCAR's new Chase for the Sprint Cup Championship format.
NASCAR has reset the points on its 12 Chase for the Championship contenders, and it's on to Kansas Speedway for the fourth round of the 10-race ...
Ben was one of the best and brightest writing for RACER and he knew he had big shoes to fill as he took over the RACER NASCAR beat following the ...
St. George Daily Spectrum
ST. GEORGE – An expected plea deal for a former professional race car driver failed to materialize Tuesday for the ninth time it has been scheduled in ...

Courteousy ,Amanda Vincent
(Thanks Amanda !):
Power rankings -- Kansas Speedway -- Hollywood Casino 400

written by Joe Nieves

submitted by Amanda Vincent

Courteousy Bleacher (

Courteousy (

Twenty multicultural and female race car drivers from the United States, Canada and Latin America will participate in the 11th Annual NASCAR Drive for Diversity (D4D) Combine Oct. 13-15 with hopes of earning a spot in the 2015 NASCAR D4D Class in partnership with Rev Racing.

Ambrose Ready to Enjoy High Speed Tracks

In what is his last full-time season in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Marcos Ambrose wants to enjoy the high-speed tracks left on the 2014 season schedule, including this weekend at the Kansas Speedway. Driving the STANLEY No. 9, Ambrose will make his 11th start at the Kansas Speedway this weekend.

Almirola Ready to Compete for Fifth-Place Points Position

Despite failing to advance to the Contender Round, Aric Almirola and the No. 43 team still have a chance to fight for points positions as high as fifth. Re-energized and focused after last weekend, the team heads to one of their best tracks, Kansas Speedway.

With advancement into the Contender Round for the NASCAR championship on the line, here is what was surprising and not surprising from the 45th annual AAA 400 at Dover international Speedway.
Recent News


Courteousy USA (

Read Story

The eight drivers most likely to advance

Jeff Gordon adds to his legacy with Dover win

Power Rankings: Kes holds off Gordon for first 

Closing ability eludes Harvick's team

NASCAR penalizes Nationwide Series team

Frustrated Earnhardt searching in Contender Round                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Courteousy  Amanda Vincent
(Thanks Amanda !) :
Where they stand: NASCAR Camping World Truck Series points after Las Vegas
Amanda Vincent

Courteousy Sporting (          

Courteousy FOX Sports

Crew member suspended for violating NASCAR Substance Abuse Policy

Analysis: Contender Round presents many questions and unknowns

Courteousy (

Burning Questions

How to judge Stewart-Haas Racing? Should short track sanctioning bodies test for drugs? Did the new Chase format do its job at Dover? Who are the next four drivers out? Turn 4 » Pit StudioVideo

Courteousy The

Athenian Motorsports Gets New Crew Chief

On Monday, Athenian Motorsports announced that Mike Ford, former crew chief for Denny Hamlin in the Sprint Cup Series, will take over as crew chief of the No. 25 Toyota driven by John Wes Townley in the Nationwide Series.  Ford replaces Mike Beam on top of the pit box.  Read More at Frontstretch

Australian-Owned Roo Motorsports Entering NASCAR

A new team, Roo Motorsports, was announced on Monday.  Scott Saunders, a driver who briefly raced for Randy Hill Racing in the Nationwide Series in 2012, will drive for the new organization in the Camping World Truck Series.  The team also has plans to field an entry in the soon-to-be XFINITY Series.  Read more at Frontstretch

Today's Featured Commentary
NASCAR 2014: It Really Isn't Sucking -- Honest!
Sitting in the Stands: A Fan's View
by S.D. Grady

So, the Challenger Round is over and we're into the Contender Round.  The 12 remaining drivers are pretty much who we expected would be there.  Nothing earth shattering happened at Dover over the weekend.  (I'm sorry. Dale Jr.'s steering wheel breaking during practice does not qualify.)  And right now NASCAR Nation is looking forward to the next segment of the much discussed Chase with more than a little trepidation mixed with a healthy dose of ennui.  Can nothing make us happy?

I ask, because one remarkable thing did occur at the Monster Mile.  Jeff Gordon added one more notch to his Hall of Fame worthy all-time win column, bringing it up to 92.  You'd think we'd be all excited about that--at least the portion of the racing fanbase who actually cheer for the driver of the No. 24.  However, a polite mutter is about all his fourth win of the season has garnered the NASCAR veteran.

Really?  That's all we've got?  Because, in case you didn't notice, 2014 has actually been an exciting year racing-wise, and not just for Mr. Gordon.  There have been many drivers enjoying a really great year.  Heck, the stands should be just about rattling with the fans' cries of adulation.

You look a little skeptical there.  Well, let's do a rundown of some of those great stories from this season.  Maybe it'll make you feel a little better about the remaining seven races.

Let's start with the Penske boys.  After a rather middlin' 2013, which left Brad Keselowski out of the Chase and Joey Logano still wondering if he'd ever be better than dry toast, 2014 has been stellar for the two-car stable.  The No. 2 and No. 22 cars have a combined win total of nine.  Um, wow. A two-car stable has pulled off that stunt?  Damn.  Those wins weren't last lap miracles, either; let's try calling it outright domination.

What about Kevin Harvick?  The lone shining star over at SHR this year, he has continued his legacy of almost always being in the Top 10.  It's garnered him a pair of wins.  There should be a fair array of Happy Harvick smiley faces to be had.

We've had Kyle Busch appear both in Victory Lane and in the garage on a regular basis, providing entertainment for both his fans and detractors.  The amount of bad luck in the Gibbs garage has been shattering, but not enough to keep their trio of drivers out of the Chase.  I mean Matt Kenseth has been completely on point, ready to steal another winless Cup if he keeps running the way he has over the year.  Whether you want to call Kenseth a robot or not, if you wear No. 20 t-shirts, you've got to be riding high right now.

We did have the underdog wins, too.  For nostalgia's sake, the No. 43 visited Victory Lane during the rain shortened Coke Zero 400.  In Daytona!  Any NASCAR fan over the age of 40 had to wipe a tear of joy that weekend.  And only a month later, AJ Allmendinger completed his return to glory with his incredible performance at Watkins Glen.  It feels great to see a driver so very humble with happiness taking the checkers.  That was a fantastic summer.

But, you know, the year didn't start out too shabby for fans, either.  Does anyone remember who won the Daytona 500?  Hmmm?  Bueller?  Okay, no need to shout.  Yes, Junior Nation woke up 2014 with fireworks.  However, that wasn't the end for the No. 88.  Earnhardt swept Pocono and is in position to possibly grab a championship, if Talladega doesn't take him out in the next round.

Johnson has not been burning up the asphalt with quite the same amount of verve we typically see from the No. 48 crew on a Championship run.  However, he's still enjoying the year, always running at the front of the pack.  Kasey Kahne has managed to keep his fan base squealing, as well.  And let's not forget Jeff Gordon's four wins.  It's an astounding accomplishment when the rumor mill has been having him retiring imminently for the past several years.  That No. 24 hasn't been looking like a car needing a new pilot since we pulled into Daytona in February.

So seriously, what exactly are we complaining about?  That we didn't have another crazy wreckfest like Loudon?  Do we really enjoy watching cars spinout for no good reason?  Is that racing?  Is it fun?

When all is said and done, the absolute best drivers in NASCAR have all been enjoying an amazing season.  The summer months brought us the kind of excitement we associate with the best of the sport.  It's time to dial back the sourpusses a little and let our sport unwind as it ought, without the media or the fans determining life sucks just because one weekend provided a not so exciting afternoon.

We're off to Kansas this week.  History has taught us that the oddest things happen on the Great Plains.  I, for one, am totally looking forward to it.

2014 Sonya Strictly by the Stats

Top Three Rookies for 2014 AAA 400

1.) No. 42 Kyle Larson Started 7th, Finished 6th (1st in RoTY Standings)

2.) No. 3 Austin Dillow Started 10th, Finished 24th (2nd in RoTY Standings)

3.) No. 51 Justin Allgaier Started 23rd, Finished 29th (3rd in RoTY Standings)

Numbers Game: AAA 400
by Tom Bowles

Laps led by Jimmie Johnson at Dover. It's the first time he's failed to lead a lap there since the spring race in 2007.

Races led by Ryan Newman in the last 19 Sprint Cup events. Newman, who failed to lead a lap at Dover finished eighth and remains among the 12 drivers eligible for a season championship.

Points behind top 12 AJ Allmendinger sat after three Chase races. Allmendinger, who ran 23rd at Dover was officially eliminated from title contention.

Winners in the first three Chase races: Brad Keselowski, Joey Logano, and Jeff Gordon.

Average finish for rookie Kyle Larson through the first three Chase races. Only Brad Keselowski (3.3) has a higher average.

Hendrick drivers to make it through to the final 12. In fact, nine of the final 12 Chase drivers are from just three teams: Hendrick (4), Joe Gibbs Racing (3), and Penske Racing (2).

Cautions for 23 laps at Dover, none of which were for a major accident. Three were for debris and two were from "scrapes" on the outside wall.

Years since Jeff Gordon last won a race at Dover. Gordon took the checkered there in the Spring of 2001... which is also when he won his last championship.

Lead Jeff Gordon would have over Dale Earnhardt, Jr. in the championship standings without a Chase. Only two other drivers, Joey Logano and Brad Keselowski would be within 100 points.

Money Ryan Newman won for finishing 8th.

Money Aric Almirola won for finishing 28th.


by Brett Poirier
by Jeff Meyer

Courteousy The Stock Car Gazette (http://MotorSportsNews.Net):

Stock Car Gazette
The 2014 Chase Drops 4 Drivers, Gordon Wins and Smoke Speaks
by Chuck Abrams

Google Alerts
Kansas City Star
While making a promotional visit to Kauffman Stadium last April, NASCAR's Carl Edwards invited Royals manager Ned Yost to be his guest at this ...
Allmendinger was slightly above the Top 12 cutoff going into the race but lost the final advance position to Kasey Kahne by a mere two points after ...

EL PASO COUNTY, COLO. -- Most of us have watched a NASCAR race, but where do the drivers start off their careers? Quarter Midget racing is ...

Brainerd Daily Dispatch
DOVER, DE - Jimmie Johnson wasn't shy about revealing his game plan for the next round of the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup. He wants to win ...

 3 articles, courteousy Amanda Vincent
(Thanks Amanda !!!):

Where they stand: NASCAR Nationwide Series points after Dover

Going back to original Chase for the Sprint Cup predictions
Amanda Vincent

Courteousy (

The Final Word – Kahne Provides Some Drama at Dover

Thank God for Kasey Kahne. With no Kahne, the broadcast of the Dover race would have been about as exciting as watching a Soap Box Derby contest in Saskatchewan, or a downhill ski event in Saskatchewan, or an outdoor performance of the Sound of Saskatchewan.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. ‘Concerned’ Going into the Next Round of the Chase

“This one’s over. It's all back to zero. Can't quit. Won't. This team ain't done yet. Gotta keep working hard. Smart. All the way to Homestead.”

Gordon Conquers The Monster, Now There Are Twelve

Jeff Gordon won the AAA 400 at Dover Delaware and sealed his transfer to the next round of the Chase. Gordon came home ahead of Brad Keselowski, and Jimmie Johnson. It is his fourth victory of the season and his 92nd Sprint Cup career win.


Full transcript from Tony Stewart's news conference 

Stats advance: Analyzing the Hollywood Casino 400 

Hollywood Casino 400 entry list 

Kansas Lottery 300 entry list 

NASCAR TV schedule: Week of Sept. 29-Oct. 5

Week 3: Waltrip preps for Movie Night on DWTS 

Second set of Junior's special gloves snapped up                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Courteousy FOX Sports

Courteousy Sporting (         


Closure Won't Be Coming

No matter how long he races, no matter what else he achieves, closure will not come for Tony Stewart. It won't for anyone in the wake of the death of Kevin Ward Jr. on a racetrack. Ryan McGee » Story »

Hendrick Crew Forges Ahead

Jeff Gordon won, Jimmie Johnson was third, Dale Earnhardt Jr. struggled, and Kasey Kahne held on to keep Rick Hendrick's team fully in the Chase. How far can they go? Brant James » Moment of the Race »

Courteousy Bleacher (

By Tyler Conway                              


2 articles, courteousy Amanda Vincent
 (Thanks Amanda !!): 
Tony Stewart breaks his silence

NASCAR Chase for the Sprint Cup score card: surviving after Dover
Amanda Vincent

Courteousy The

Sprint Cup Race Recap: 92 and Counting, Jeff Gordon Wins at Dover
by Justin Tucker

On a day where much of the talk surrounded both Chase eliminations and bubble drivers, Jeff Gordon took another huge step towards immortality at Dover's Monster Mile.  The four-time Cup Series champ, having a resurgent season took advantage of a lightning fast pit stop by his No. 24 Drive to End Hunger crew with around 70 laps to go, separating himself from a hard-charging Brad Keselowski and coasting to a 4.352-second margin of victory.  Defending race winner Jimmie Johnson ran third, followed by New Hampshire winner Joey Logano in fourth.  Matt Kenseth, who still hasn't visited Victory Lane this year, rounded out the top-5 finishers.

It was Gordon's 92nd Sprint Cup Series win and his fourth of the 2014 season, automatically advancing him to the Contender round of the Chase for the Sprint Cup, which starts at Kansas Speedway next week.

"It wasn't about the points.  It wasn't about just squeezing by to get to the next round," Gordon said.  "It was about making a statement.  I don't know how you make a bigger statement than what this team just did right there."

The win at Dover was Gordon's first at the track since 2001, which coincidentally was the last year he took home NASCAR's biggest prize.  Gordon credited Alan Gustafson and his pit crew for the team's success this season.

"I don't know what I've found, but I think a lot of it has to do with (crew chief) Alan Gustafson and all the guys on this No. 24 team," Gordon said.  "They've just giving me such an awesome race car team this year.  I'm having so much fun."

While Gordon enjoyed the spoils of victory, Kevin Harvick was left to ponder another win that got away.  Harvick dominated much of Sunday's 400-mile race at Dover, keeping his Budweiser Chevrolet out front for a race-high 223 laps, including the first 147.  Harvick was in full command until disaster struck during a pit stop when the inner valve stem was knocked out of the left front tire of his No. 4 Chevrolet, a mishap which mired Harvick deep in the field.  Harvick did mount a rally but could only climb as high as 13th, the first car a lap down at the finish.  Harvick has now led 406 laps in the first three Chase races, leading all drivers but has yet to win a race during this postseason.

"We can beat every car on the race track.  We just need some good luck," Harvick said.  "If we get some luck, we'll win races and have a shot at the championship."

Meanwhile, on a day where four Chasers were eliminated from title contention much of the drama surrounded Kasey Kahne.  After running inside the top 10 early, a loose wheel forced the driver of the No. 5 Chevrolet to make an unscheduled pit stop that put him two laps down.  At one point, though for only a short time, Kahne found himself as much as four laps down through a late-race round of green-flag pit stops.  He managed to recover and finish 20th, one lap down, barely edging AJ Allmendinger for the 12th and final spot in the Contender Round by a slim, two-point margin.

Dover was the final race of the Challenger Round for the Chase. Jeff Gordon joins Chicago winner Brad Keselowski and New Hampshire's Joey Logano with automatic berths into the next round. Those advancing into the Contender Round, by virtue of points are: Kevin Harvick, Jimmie Johnson, Kyle Busch, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Matt Kenseth, Denny Hamlin, Carl Edwards, Ryan Newman and Kahne. Those eliminated were Aric Almirola, AJ Allmendinger, Greg Biffle and Kurt Busch, who made his 500th Cup start on Sunday.

A quick look at Dover by the numbers. There were ten lead changes among seven drivers and five cautions for 23 laps kept the race pace at a quick 130.541 MPH.

Next week, the Contender Round in the Chase for the Sprint Cup kicks off in the nation's heartland, Kansas Speedway. The Hollywood Casino 400 goes green at 2:16 p.m. ET next Sunday

Chasing the Chase: Keselowski Locks Into Next Round, Expands Lead Slightly

by Phil Allaway

On Sunday, Brad Keselowski likely had the strongest car for the entire 400-mile distance.  He was the only driver who could realistically run with Kevin Harvick before Harvick had his issues.  Keselowski's second-place finish was more than enough to lead the Chase points at the end of the Challenger round.  Teammate Joey Logano came back from some early handling issues to finish fourth, holding onto second in points.  Harvick, after leading 223 laps prior to his tire issue, finished a lap down in 13th.  However, he still ran well enough to hold onto the third spot.

Jimmie Johnson failed in his quest to win his third straight race at Dover, but he still finished a strong third on Sunday, enough to keep the fourth spot in the standings.  Jeff Gordon's victory moved him up two places to fifth, while Kyle Busch fell a spot to sixth despite a tenth-place finish.

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. had an off-day on Sunday, never really putting himself in contention on his way to a 17th-place finish.  The run dropped Earnhardt, Jr. to seventh in points.  Matt Kenseth remains in eighth after finishing fifth on Sunday.  Ryan Newman made the biggest gain amongst the Chasers Sunday, gaining three spots to finish the Challenger round in a tie for ninth.  Newman wins the three-race tiebreaker over Carl Edwards, who finished 11th on Sunday.

Denny Hamlin referred to Sunday's race as one of the most important in his career.  Hamlin responded with a 12th-place finish to advance to the Contender Round.  Kasey Kahne recovered from a loose wheel to finish 20th and claim the last spot in the next round.  AJ Allmendinger, meanwhile struggled all day with an ill-handling Hungry Jack Chevrolet.  Allmendinger would eventually finish two laps down in 23rd and finish just two points behind Kahne.  Kurt Busch dealt with a very tight Chevrolet and dropped from a top-10 position all the way back to 18th, and thus out of the next round.  Greg Biffle and Aric Almirola simply never had the right stuff to be competitive at Dover, finishing outside the top 20.

Contender Round Points:  All 12 advancing drivers will start Kansas with 3000 points.  13) AJ Allmendinger 2077, 14) Kurt Busch 2073, 15) Greg Biffle 2072, 16) Aric Almirola 2061.

Chase Point Standings: 1) 
Brad Keselowski 21402) Joey Logano -4, 3) Kevin Harvick -17, 4) Jimmie Johnson -19, 5) Jeff Gordon -23, 6) Kyle Busch -29, 7) Dale Earnhardt, Jr. -36, 8) Matt Kenseth -43, t-9) Ryan Newman -49, t-9) Carl Edwards -4911) Denny Hamlin -59, 12) Kasey Kahne -61, 13) AJ Allmendinger -6314) Kurt Busch, -6715) Greg Biffle -68, 16) Aric Almirola -79.

Regular Point Standings (1-20): 1) Jeff Gordon 1022, 2) Dale Earnhardt, Jr. -44, 3) Brad Keselowski -64, 4) Joey Logano -66, 5) Jimmie Johnson -108, 6) Kevin Harvick -117, 7) Matt Kenseth -128, 8) Ryan Newman -149, 9) Carl Edwards -160, 10) Kyle Larson -163, 11) Greg Biffle -197, 12) Clint Bowyer -205, 13) Kasey Kahne -211, 14) Jamie McMurray -217, 15) Kyle Busch -227, 16) Paul Menard -241, 17) Austin Dillon -243, 18) Brian Vickers -257, 19) Denny Hamlin -285, 20) Kurt Busch -301.

Race Winners: Dale Earnhardt, Jr. (Daytona-1, Pocono-1, Pocono-2), Kevin Harvick (Phoenix, Darlington), Brad Keselowski (Las Vegas, Kentucky, Loudon-1, Richmond-2, Chicagoland), Carl Edwards (Bristol-1, Sonoma), Kyle Busch (Fontana), Kurt Busch (Martinsville), Joey Logano (Texas, Richmond, Bristol-2, Loudon-2), Denny Hamlin (Talladega), Jeff Gordon (Kansas, Indianapolis, Michigan-2, Dover-2), Jimmie Johnson (Charlotte, Dover-1, Michigan-1), Aric Almirola (Daytona-2), AJ Allmendinger (Watkins Glen), Kasey Kahne (Atlanta)

Blue - Locked into the Contender Round
Red - Eliminated from further Chase contention

Letter of the Race: Sunday's AAA 400 was brought to you by the Letter A for "Anticlimatic."  For as much as ESPN's pre-race coverage centered upon the fact that anything can and will happen at Dover, recent years have seen these races be dominated by a couple of strong drivers without all that much drama.  That is exactly what we got on Sunday, like it or not. - Phil Allaway

Quotes to Remember: AAA 400
compiled by Beth Lunkenheimer

“I don’t know what happened to Kevin Harvick. It was unfortunate for him. He was the class of the field. We were tuning on it to try to keep even with him. When I saw him go out, I knew we could compete with the No.2 (Brad Keselowski) car. The No. 2 was really good on short runs, but we could run him down. Of course he made us work for it there at the end because he was so good on short runs and he got to me. I was really, really tight in traffic there at the end. I didn’t know if we were going to pull it off. I’m so, proud to have this orange Drive to End Hunger Chevrolet. This is Hunger Action month and it’s extremely important to all of us who are fighting for the older Americans going hungry every day in this country. This is a great way to take action. I don’t know what I’ve found, but I think a lot of it has to do with Alan Gustafson and all the guys on this No. 24 team. They’ve just giving me such an awesome race car team this year. I’m having so much fun.” - Jeff Gordon, race winner

“We’ve had a really good start. I guess we can’t really complain that much having won a race, a second and a seventh, but it’s hard to look at that. All I could think about is how I wanted to win all three races and now it’s time to move forward. Three more races, a new start and what we were able to do in these last three, other than getting us to this next round, really means nothing. We’ve got to keep our head on straight and push forward these next three like we have these last three.” - Brad Keselowski, finished second

“I think I have won here nine times but I think I have raced here a heck of a lot more than that. Certainly wish we were in Victory Lane, but good solid third-place run. Our car just didn’t have the short run speed that the competitors did. We would kind of run everybody back down towards the end of a run, but just didn’t have what we needed at the start. I wish it was a little bit better, but still a great day with a Hendrick (Motorsports) car in Victory Lane, which is awesome and we will go to the next one.” - Jimmie Johnson, finished third

"It was a little bit of a tougher week for us. We didn’t have a very fast car off the truck, but Todd Gordon and all these Shell/Pennzoil guys did a great job giving me a car that was pretty racy. We started 16th and drove up to 10th quick and then had a terrible restart and lost everything we had gained and then some. From there we just put four tires on it, reset and try to drive our way back up there. It was a hard-fought day, which is pretty normal for here at Dover. We got something good out of it and now we’ll start the next round and try to move on to the next one.” - Joey Logano, finished fourth

“It was pretty solid. We had good pit stops down here. The Home Depot guys did a good job. We just lacked a little bit. We were pretty competitive in the middle of the race and then just got too free one run and got too tight one run. I couldn’t do very good on restarts, and that really hurt us bad. I’d lose so many spots over the restart and just too hard to get them back. Overall, we were pretty good. We were back and forth a little bit. There were times when the car was better than where we finished and other times it was worse. Just couldn’t quite get it, but overall it was a good day for us.” - Matt Kenseth, finished fifth

“We fought hard and never gave up today. The guys did a good job in the pits. We got the car better every single stop, and at the end, it was at its best. Track position is important because it’s so hard to pass here. What we are doing now is getting ready for next year. Trying to figure out how to make the car better and how to communicate better as a team. The whole nine yards and we are making progress. Everybody has done a good job the past couple of weeks sticking together, not getting frustrated and working hard. I don’t know what it is about this track — maybe it’s home field advantage for me because it seems like the longer the race goes here the better we get. Just like last week (New Hampshire) I wish the race was longer. I never thought I would say that.” - Martin Truex, Jr., finished seventh

“Our car, especially on the long run, was a ‘10’ tight. We did what we needed to do today with our Interstate Batteries Camry, but I’m not sure what the problem was on the last couple runs of the race. We were tight all day, but it just got worse at the end. Dave (Rogers, crew chief) and the guys are going to take the car back to the shop and see if they can figure out if something was wrong. We’ll move on to the next round and hope we can have a better handle on our car next week.” - Kyle Busch, finished tenth

“It was just a solid day. The car was actually pretty decent and everybody did a really good job. The pit crew did great and Jimmy (Fennig, crew chief) did a great job with the car and that’s what we needed. We had a top-10 car and finished 11th, but I think if I would have done a little better job on the restarts we would have been better. We keep making small gains and getting the opportunity to be put back in the same position as the guys in front of us is a huge opportunity for us. We’ve got to capitalize on it and go run well at Kansas and Charlotte. We know we can win Talladega, so I look forward to that race. This is Jimmy Fennig’s last year on the box, but, honestly, more important than that to me is I understand how fleeting and how rare these opportunities are to win championships. They come once a year if you’re very lucky, so I just want to make the most of it.” - Carl Edwards

“Wish we would’ve ran a little bit better, but luckily we had good track position from qualifying and just kind of kept it all day. Was sliding there at the end a little bit — but just enough to get through. I feel great. You never know what can happen. I knew we had a car that was capable of racing our way in, but I didn’t think it was going to be that close. We just started fading there at the end. A little bit on the defensive on my part, but still we lost the handle. Just happy this all resets and all starts from scratch again and we’ve got another life.” - Denny Hamlin, finished 12th

“The inner valve stem got knocked out just like the first race here, except this time it was on the left-front so unfortunate, but probably our own fault for not finding a solution for it for the first race. A lug nut got in between the wheel and the brake rotor and knocked the vale stem out. Crazy. Just handing out early Christmas presents to people for winning races that we should be winning. But all in all, the Budweiser guys did a great job. It’s just crazy luck. It’s just unbelievable that it can happen. The shock broke first and we could beat them on three shocks, but we couldn’t beat them on three tires.” Kevin Harvick, finished 13th

“Not what we had hoped for. Just struggled a little more with the car than we thought. Lost some track position and got behind early in the pit sequence, and just never made it back up.” - Brian Vickers, finished 15th

“We didn’t run good obviously. We struggled with our car all day long. I thought we had a lot better car in practice, but we made some changes. I guess they didn’t really work out for us. We were real loose on entry and real tight in the center. The balance was bad at the start of the run and the end of the run. So we never had a moment during the race where the car was very good and competitive. We just missed the set-up pretty bad. We just need to start from scratch when we come back here next year.” - Dale Earnhardt, Jr., finished 17th

“[The car] was just tight the last 100 miles. I felt like we were in good position to advance, but you just can’t expect to advance by running 18th. You have to be more competitive. We gave it a good run, you know? We put this team together pretty late. Gene Haas believed in me to come in here and do this; and thanks to Haas Automation and Chevrolet and great associate sponsors like Mobil 1 and State Water Heaters and Monster Energy. We don’t get to advance to the championship, but we can still run for pride and run for wins. You can’t expect to advance running 18th. You’ve got to have better lap times every time you go and hit the track. If you’re off, it’s hard to put the car up on your back and run it. I just chalk it up to me not getting the job done. It’s all my fault that we didn’t advance.” - Kurt Busch

”Our Zest Ford was really strong in the middle of the race. As the race progressed, our car just kept getting tighter. As an organization, we are all working really hard to get our Fords back up front and are making small gains each week but still have a ways to go.” - Ricky Stenhouse, Jr., finished 19th

“I felt like we went four laps down at one point when we pitted. We had to pit because had done the wave-around. But I had a good Farmers Insurance Chevy. I had a fast car. Luckily Kenny (Francis) made great calls. The team prepared a great car so I was fortunate to have that and drive our way back to barely advance. But I had to push hard on that; glad NASCAR just let it go and let us race for it, you know? It was pretty interesting but I’m glad we made it. We had to fight hard. I think we had a top two or three car today; we just didn’t get to show it.” - Kasey Kahne, finished 20th

“This is the way it’s gone all season. We’re just searching for speed and struggled all day today. We’ve worked hard trying to fix our problems, but it just hasn’t come together yet. It’s frustrating because part of you wants to just pull it and put it in the garage and the other half is racing as hard as you can to get in the Chase. It’s pretty frustrating. I’ve won races my whole career, but to be struggling like this all year is disappointing at best.” - Greg Biffle, finished 21st

“We didn’t give up. It was an awful day, but I have to thank my whole team. My pit crew kept giving me good stops. We kept throwing the kitchen sink at it every stop. My crew chief Brian Burns did everything he could to keep trying to make it better. We just missed it all weekend. It’s disappointing to miss it by two points, but we didn’t deserve to be in it with the run that we had. We have to look at it – I’m not going to take a moral victory out of it to miss it by two points, it’s disappointing, but we know we are making steps in the right direction. We beat some good cars, but we have seven races to go. Just because we didn’t make it doesn’t mean our season is over with. We have to keep working and get better. We have seven races to go. I will be disappointed tonight, but be ready to go tomorrow morning.” - AJ Allmendinger, finished 23rd

“It just didn’t work out for us. I hate it. We picked a bad day to run the way we did and we can’t blame anybody but ourselves. My car didn’t have any grip. You can’t go fast without grip. I’m sure we’ll be able to look past this another day, but right now it’s pretty disappointing.” - Aric Almirola, finished 28th


Thinkin' Out Loud – Dover – Chase Race No. 3 – The field is trimmed to 12
by Mike Neff

Pace Laps: Dover Downer, Elliott's Excellence, Crafton's Consistency and More vs. Rain
by the Frontstretch Staff

by Beth Lunkenheimer

Courteousy The Stock Car Gazette (http://MotorSportsNews.Net)

(Thanks Heather !):

Stock Car Gazette
Track Trash – Down in Dover
by Racing Maniac

Gordon makes a statement in final Challenger Round race at Dover - See more at:
Erik Jones scores Las Vegas jackpot with NASCAR Truck Series victory - See more at:
Clutch performance, fortune propels Kasey Kahne into Chase Contender Round - See more at:
Specter of Talladega is motivating Jimmie Johnson to win soon; Plus Sunday Dover Notebook - See more at:

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Sun Sentinel
Universal Orlando visitors walk past the NASCAR Sports Grille at Universal CityWalk on Sunday. The restaurant will close Nov. 1. (Dewayne Bevil ...
... • When all was said and done in Sunday's AAA 400, one driver who was in bottom four of points (Denny Hamlin) entering the race moved into the ...
He started Sunday just hoping he would advance to the next round of NASCAR's new playoff system so he could continue chasing that elusive Sprint ...

C O L U M N S / C O M M E N T A R I E S


Courteousy FOX Sports

Dover delivers new hope for some; others lament opportunity lost

Allmendinger on early Chase exit: 'We gave it everything we had'


Gordon Steals The Show

Jeff Gordon held off a pack of fellow Cup contenders to win the Chase elimination race at Dover. High
drama? Not really. John Oreovicz »

Story: Four eliminated » 


Courteousy ( ):

Jeff Gordon Scores Career Win 92 in AAA 400 at Monster Mile

While his teammate Jimmie Johnson has traditionally dominated at the Dover Monster Mile, it was Jeff Gordon scoring his 92nd win, his fifth win at Dover, and his fourth win of the season. Gordon also punched his ticket to the next round in NASCAR’s Chase for the Championship.

Chase-Type Run Gives Truex Jr. 7th-Place Finish in Dover

Martin Truex Jr. continues to show performance improvement as the Furniture Row Racing driver poured it on at the end to finish seventh in Sunday’s AAA 400 Sprint Cup Series race at Dover International Speedway.

Ford Drivers Keselowski, Logano and Edwards Advance to NASCAR Contender Round

“We’ve had a really good start. I guess we can’t really complain that much having won a race, a second and a seventh, but it’s hard to look at that. All I could think about is how I wanted to win all three races and now it’s time to move forward.

Biffle, Almirola, Edwards and Logano Post-Race Quotes

GREG BIFFLE – No. 16 3M/Post-it Ford Fusion – “This is the way it’s gone all season. We’re just searching for speed and struggled all day today. We’ve worked hard trying to fix our problems, but it just hasn’t come together yet. It’s frustrating because part of you wants to just pull it and put it in the garage and the other half is racing as hard as you can to get in the Chase. It’s pretty frustrating. I’ve won races my whole career, but to be struggling like this all year is disappointing at best.”

Chevy NSCS at Dover Two: Jeff Gordon – Winner Quotes


NASCAR BTS: MRN Senior Writer Dustin Long Shares Hidden Writing Talent

Most race fans who follow Dustin Long know him as a NASCAR beat reporter and Senior Writer for Motor Racing Network. But what they may not know is that he has another behind the scenes talent, children’s book author.


Courteousy  Amanda Vincent
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Jeff Gordon closes out first Chase round with win at Dover
Amanda Vincent

Courteousy  FOX (

Flash Gordon: Driver of No. 24 car wins Chase elimination race at Dover

Gordon pulls away for win at Dover 

Who's in, who's out of the Chase post-Dover 

NASCAR warns drivers to race 'fair and square' 

Harvick loses left front after dominating day 

Full schedule for Kansas 

Courteousy USA (

Read Story

Tony Stewart finishes 14th at Dover


Courteousy Bleacher (

By Rob Goldberg

News & Results from Saturday nights regular season finale @ Wall Stadium Speedway (  are posted ! See my Wall Stadium 2014 Part 2 page:Wall Stadium Speedway 2014 Part II  ,for all the details !

Courteousy The Stock Car Gazette (http://MotorSportsNews.Net )
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Stock Car Gazette

TV Times:  Nice Going, Brian France

by Lou Modestino

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It continues through NASCAR's founding in 1948, construction of Daytona International Speedway and its opening in 1959 with the first Daytona 500, ...
Savannah Morning News
DOVER, Del. — Kurt Busch looked around and saw NASCAR's biggest stars crowding his car. Dale Earnhardt, Bobby Labonte, Dale Jarrett all ...
The News Journal
... ROTC color guard performed at the Dover International Speedway before the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East race. Dover seniors and Junior ROTC ...
Aric Almirola says his team won't be throwing a "Hail Mary" Sunday to try and advance in NASCAR's Chase for the Cup playoff race at Dover, ...
Detroit Free Press
Brudenell: NASCAR changes will demand more of drivers. Cup cars are likely to move around more in 2015, become a little less stable and go slower, ...
Racin' Today
C O L U M N S / C O M M E N T A R I E S

  articles, courteousy Amanda Vincent
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Kurt Busch hopes to celebrate start 500 with Chase advancement

Erik Jones leads Kyle Busch Motorsports to one-two finish at Vegas

For four, it's over at Dover
Amanda Vincent

Wallace Jr. laments another runner-up finish

Strongman Dale Jr. breaks steering wheel

New Egypt Speedway ( News / Results & Final (top 10) Point Standings !
(Thanks Pete Wortman !) :

Sammy Piazza Wins Season Finale, Godown Captures 2nd Championship

Five Divisions Crown Champs Saturday at NES

New Egypt, NJ (Sept. 27, 2014) – Sammy Piazza of Lawrenceville, NJ won his first feature event of the season on Championship Night at New Egypt Speedway. The 2014 champion was crowned earlier when former (2012) champ Ryan Godown clinched is second championship in three years when he drove thru the gate at the start of the evening, as his show up points put him out of reach of his competition. Piazza led wire to wire in what could be called a dominant performance in the 30 lap Modified feature claiming his second career victory.

Championships were on the line in all five divisions on this evening, and the four support divisions all had first time champions celebrating at nights end. Johnny Cornell III clinched his first ever Sportsman title by winning the 20 lap feature, as did NERS 305 Sprint car chauffeur Phil Meisner Jr. The other two champs won their first title on this evening by racing home second in the main event to the defending 2013 champion. Mike Butler won the Crate Modified title by virtue of his second place finish to Eric Palmer, while Bill Liedtka was crowned Street Stock champ when he ran runner-up to Dan Collamer.  

Piazza grabbed the lead from his pole starting position at the onset, controlling the field at the start as Tad Cox made his way to the front quickly. Piazza led by a comfortable 5 car lengths for the first 20 laps as every time the duo approached lapped traffic a caution would reset the action. With a late green flag run from halfway, Cox closed in on the leader with 5 laps remaining bringing the crowd to their feet. Cox caught Piazza in the heavy traffic and actually pulled alongside of him at one point before the red flag came out for 2 separate incidents as Billy Pauch Jr.’s car caught fire in the infield 1 lap after pulling out of the event while running third, & Chris Grbac’s car broke the driveshaft as he tried to stop in turn two causing him to exit his car quickly. With “clean air” in front of the leaders, Piazza went right back out in front by the same five car lengths over Tad Cox to the checkered flag. Neal Williams raced through the field to finish third, David Van Horn brought his fast #71 home fourth and Jimmy Blewett passed Billy Pauch on the final lap to grab fifth.  

Johnny Cornell III of Neshanic Station, NJ was crowned the 2014 Sportsman champion after he won his second feature of the season. Alan Bleacher was impressive with a strong second place run, with Brian Roemer third, Mike Hendershot fourth and defending champ and the point leader coming into the event Bob Lineman Jr. settling for fifth.    

Phil Meisner Jr. started the night 22 points behind Mike Haggenbottom for the NERS 305 Sprint Car championship. He then took full advantage of his pole starting spot as he led all 20 laps of the non-stop feature event holding off a very fast Stef Palmai in lapped traffic for his first win of the season and collecting the first ever NES 305 Sprint Car championship. Palmai came home second, followed by Bobby Devault, Joe Lord and Tommy Carberry Jr. Four-time winner Haggenbottom, who needed to finish in the top four to clinch the title, was moving up quickly on the second lap from eighth to fifth when contact in traffic sent him bouncing high in the air. He quickly settled the car down finding himself out of the top ten and could only rebound to finish 8th.    

Dan Collamer of Waretown, NJ had hopes of winning his second straight NES Street Stock championship, and he did what he had to do by winning the event; however it wasn’t enough as Bill Liedtka finished second and took his first ever title. Following these two across the finish line were Gary Klimeczek, Bill Connolly and Todd Dige.

In the Crate Modified event, 2-time defending champ Eric Palmer ended the season on a winning note with point leader Mike Butler of Milford, NJ finishing a strong second and earning his second championship in a week, as he was crowned the All-Star Cup Crate champ last Saturday here. Steve Hicks rebounded back from two tangles showing heavy sheet metal damage to finish third, with Mike Carman and Jimmy Martin rounding out the top five.   

This event brings an end to the 2014 season at New Egypt Speedway. Keep track of all of the off season news by logging onto the speedway website, or on Facebook /newegyptspeedwayofficial. You can also follow us on Twitter @nesspeedway. Speedway management would like to thank all of the race fans, drivers, and race teams for helping to make 2014 a success. 



1st Heat: 1. Danny Bouc 2. Willie Osmun 3. Ryan Godown 4. Duane Howard 5. David Van Horn 6. Chris Grbac 
2nd Heat: 1. Sammy Piazza 2. Neal Williams 3. Billy Pauch Jr. 4. Billy Pauch 5. John Stangle 6. Dave Witte 
3rd Heat: 1. PJ Oliver 2. Tad Cox 3. Gary Butler 4. Jimmy Horton 5. Tommy Farrell 6. Jimmy Blewett 
B-Main: 1. Dominick Buffalino 2. Kevin Vaclavicek 3. Lou Cicconi 4. Andrew Bohn 5. DJ Ruppert 6. Chris Esposito 
Feature (30 Laps): 1. Sammy Piazza 2. Tad Cox 3. Neal Williams 4. David Van Horn 5. Jimmy Blewett 6. Billy Pauch 7. Ryan Godown 8. Duane Howard 9. Jimmy Horton 10. Willie Osmun 11. Gary Butler 12. Lou Cicconi 13. Danny Bouc 14. Kevin Vaclavicek 15. PJ Oliver 16. Andrew Bohn 17. Chris Esposito 18. Dave Witte 19. Dominick Buffalino 20. Chris Grbac 21. John Stangle 22. Billy Pauch Jr. 23. Tommy Farrell 24. DJ Ruppert 
DNQ: Doug Ostwald, Eric Engstrom, Chuck Potts, Bill Lester.

1st Heat: 1. Bob Lineman Jr. 2. Brian Roemer 3. Marty Saxton 4. Alan Bleacher 5. J.T Trsensky 6. Erik Renniger 
2nd Heat: 1. Mike Howardson 2. Mike Hendershot 3. John Cornell III 4. Derek Krum 5. Ryan Simmons 6. Doug Snyder 
Feature (20 Laps): 1. John Cornell III 2. Alan Bleacher 3. Brian Roemer 4. Mike Hendershot 5. Bob Lineman Jr. 6. J.T Trsensky 7. Mike Howardson 8. Marty Saxton 9. Erik Renniger 10. Duane Nixon 11. Jimmy Amato 12. Andy Visinsky 13. Robin McTighe 14. Heidi Hedin 15. Doug Snyder 16. Ryan Simmons 17. Derek Krum

1st Heat: 1. Mike Everett 2. Chuckles Stone 3. Eric Palmer 4. Frank Dorry 5. Jordan Cox 6. Jason Bittner 7. Steve Hicks 
2nd Heat: 1. Ryan Simmons 2. Mike Carman 3. Bryan Kuhl 4. Brian Papiez 5. Paul Hartwig 6. Jimmy Martin 7. John Micek 
Feature (20 Laps): 1. Eric Palmer 2. Mike Butler 3. Steve Hicks 4. Mike Carman 5. Jimmy Martin 6. Ryan Simmons 7. John Micek 8. Jordan Cox 9. Mike Everett 10. Adam Cox 11. Bryan Kuhl 12. Kevin Dale 13. Chuck Steuer 14. Jason Bittner 15. Lauren Emmons 16. Jarrett Rozycki 17. Brian Papiez 18. Chuckles Stone 19. Frank Dorry 20. Matt Carman 
DQ Paul Hartwig Jr.

1st Heat: 1. Bob DeVault 2. Joe Lord 3. Phil Meisner Jr. 4. Neal Williams 5. Rick Stief 6. Brad Franks 
2nd Heat: 1. Tommy Carberry Jr 2. Stefanie Palmai 3. Mark Bitner 4. Mike Haggenbottom 5. Rory Janney 6. Brendon Poff 
Feature (20 Laps): 1. Phil Meisner 2. Stefani Palmai 3. Bob DeVault 4. Joe Lord 5. Tommy Carberry Jr. 6. Rory Janney 7. Neal Williams 8. Mike Haggenbottom 9. Adam Carberry 10. Mark Bitner 11. Rick Stief 12. Jeff Geiges 13. David Brown Jr. 14. Brad Franks 15. Erika Palmai 16. Brendon Poff 17. Harris Kohen

1st Heat: 1. Bill Liedtka 2. Dan Collamer 3. Bill Connolly 4. Billy Wroble 5. Joe Reid 6. Darren Cox 
2nd Heat: 1. Gary Klimeczak 2. Tom Princiotta 3. John Carpenter 4. Todd Dige 5. Ron Frees 6. Marty Derr 
Feature (20 Laps): 1. Dan Collamer 2. Bill Liedtka 3. Gary Klimeczak 4. Bill Connolly 5. Todd Dige 6. Tom Princiotta 7. John Carpenter 8. Ron Frees 9. Joe Reid 10. Billy Wroble 11. Anthony Tortorello 12. Darren Cox 13. Marty Derr 14. Spider Ensinger Sr. 15. Mike Mongiello 
DNS: Rich Mongeau


Final Top Ten Point Standings

358 Modifieds 

DRIVER (* denotes wins) POINTS
1 Ryan Godown**** 1033
2 Billy Pauch*(7) 915
3 David Van Horn 872
4 Willie Osmun* 835
5 Jimmy Blewett* 829
6 Tad Cox 826
7 Sammy Piazza* 763
8 Neal Williams 723
9 Gary Butler 707
10 Danny Bouc* 702

Crate Modifieds 

DRIVER (* denotes wins) POINTS
1 Mike Butler*** 586
2 Eric Palmer** 550
3 Bryan Kuhl 540
4 Chuck Steuer* 532
5 Steve Hicks* 515
6 Mike Carman 495
7 Ryan Simmons 480
8 Frank Dorry* 465
9 Chuckles Stone* 462
10 Brian Papiez* 438

NERS 305 Sprints 

DRIVER (* denotes wins) POINTS
1 Phil Meisner Jr.* 630
2 Mike Haggenbottom**** 616
3 Bobby Devault* 504
4 Stefanie Palmai 496
5 Joe Lord 482
6 Jeff Geiges* 458
7 David Brown Jr. 409
8 Neal Williams 401
9 Mark Bitner* 398
10 Adam Carberry 389


DRIVER (* denotes wins) POINTS
1 Johnny Cornell ** 692
2 Bob Lineman Jr.*** 683
3 Mike Hendershot*** 676
4 Mike Howardson 583
5 Alan Bleacher 564
6 J.T. Trstensky 456
7 Brian Roemer* 371
8 Marty Saxton 366
9 Mike Butler* 363
10 Jimmy Amato 359

Street Stocks 

DRIVER (* denotes wins) POINTS
1 Bill Liedtka*** 702
2 Dan Collamer*** 688
3 John Carpenter*** 671
4 Tom Princiotta 647
5 Todd Dige 632
6 Gary Klimeczak* 570
7 Darren Cox 552
8 Joe Reid 551
9 Ron Frees** 476
10 Bill Connelly 449

Erik Jones edges out teammate for Vegas win

Courteousy FOX Sports

Who looks hot (or not) heading into Chase elimination race at Dover


Wall Stadium was great tonight ! Congratulations to all of tonights winners, and all of the 2014 track champions !

Courteousy ( : Pressure is on for those on Chase bubble at Dover

Driver reaction to 2015 rule changes

Busch gets fifth win at Dover, fifth of 2014

Elliott keeps cool, overcomes Dover adversity 


Chase Shake-Up At Dover?

Sprint Cup title contenders will be driving for their Chase lives Sunday at Dover. So strap in, folks. The AAA 400 promises to be a doozy. Oreovicz » Notebook » Grid »

JJ's to lose? » Live! Sunday, 2 p.m. ET »

Monster Win For Kyle Busch

Kyle Busch led 101 of 200 laps to ring up his fifth Nationwide Series victory of 2014 -- and 68th win of his career -- to sweep the season on the concrete mile oval at Dover. Story » Results » The RundownVideo 

Courteousy Sporting (

AAA 400 post-practice notes and top-rated drivers 

Tony Stewart might want to settle rather than face civil suit

   4   articles courteousy Amanda Vincent
 (Thanks Amanda !!!!):

Ryan Blaney takes Las Vegas pole in botched Truck Series qualifying session

Kyle Busch gets Nationwide win at Dover

Statistically speaking: a look at Dover International Speedway

Chase for the Sprint Cup score card: heading into Dover
Amanda Vincent

Logano wins NNS Coors Light Pole Award at Dover

Dover Nationwide Series pit stall assignments

 2   articles,courteousy Amanda Vincent
(Thanks Amanda !!):

Billy Boat expands to Truck Series with Mason Mingus
Amanda Vincent

Courteousy FOX Sports

Saturday's practice recaps from Dover, Las Vegas 

2 artilcles,   courteousy  Amanda Vincent
(Thanks Amanda !!):
Ron Hornaday returns at Las Vegas
Amanda Vincent

Ice Picks -- Dover International Speedway -- AAA 400
written by Joe Nieves
submitted by Amanda Vincent

Courteousy FOX Sports (

Joey Logano Proving Patience Pays

Stewart comforted by support of NASCAR family

Regular Season Finale tonight @ Wall Stadium Speedway {Where I shall be later today / tonight my usual seating area high over the beginning of the frontstretch .Sitting on my usual red / white seat cushion. Next to my usual red/white cooler. Wearing a black track hat. Wearing a t-shirt / sweater (for after the sun goes down! )that is TBD !                                   (!














Tonight is Championship Night @ New Egypt Speedway (! 

 Next Event:  Championship Night - September 27, 2014 - Modifieds, Sportsman, Crates, Street Stocks, NERS Sprints - 4:00pm

358 Modifieds, Sportsman, Crate Modifieds, Street Stocks, and NERS Sprints
Pit Gates Open 1:00pm, Front Gates Open 2:00pm, Hot Laps Begin 3:00pm, Racing Starts 4:00pm
Click here for the Schedule of Events


Older News


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Courteousy FOX Sports

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While Bobby Labonte has always balanced life and racing throughout his career, the NASCAR champion is now finding a new balance on the seat of his bike, all for a good cause. 

Instead of his usual mission to make it to Victory Lane, Casey Mears and his entire No. 13 GEICO Chevrolet Germain Racing team went on a different kind of mission aboard a US Air Force C-17 Globemaster III.

Keselowski Leads Ford Cup Qualifiers At Dover With Fourth-Place Run

BRAD KESELOWSKI – No. 2 Wurth Ford Fusion – “We’re strong. The 4 car is a little bit better. We seem to be right there with everyone else or maybe just a touch better, but we’ll keep working on it. We’ve got tomorrow’s practice and we’ve got a good starting spot for Sunday. It’s not a pole, but you can’t always get poles. Still, it’s something to be proud of.”

Carl Edwards Hoping to Advance to Contender Round in Fastenal Fusion

Carl Edwards, driver of the No. 99 Fastenal Ford Fusion, comes into the weekend ninth in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Challenger Round and is eight points ahead of Denny Hamlin and Greg Biffle, who are the first two drivers currently on the outside looking in. Edwards spoke about his status after Friday’s practice session at Dover International Speedway.

Lineup for the AAA 400 

Dover Sprint Cup pit stall assignments 

Dale Earnhardt Jr., green eggs and beef jerky 

Dale Jr.'s mom trains his girlfriend for race

Close to first win, Scott stays in title hunt 


 ( ):

Harvick Hammers 'Em

Kevin Harvick made the family proud again, rolling to another pole. What happened Friday at Dover? Lots of talk about how the pressure is mounting. Notebook » Grid » Live! Sunday, 2 p.m. ET » Chase 101Video 

Courteousy  Amanda Vincent
(Thanks Amanda !):
Kevin Harvick claims seventh pole of 2014 at Dover
Amanda Vincent

Johnson takes big-picture approach to Chase pressure


Stewart: 'No desire' to get back in sprint car Video

Ward Jr.'s series does not drug test drivers

Courteousy  FOX Sports (

Miles the Monster: Getting to know Dover's concrete giant

All grown up: Joey Logano is feeling -- and racing -- like a veteran

Friday notebook from Dover: Allmendinger to stick with plan

Dale Jr. cites 'sickness in pit of stomach' over Stewart saga

Courteousy Sporting (         

Danica gaining on boyfriend         

Dale Earnhardt Jr., drivers still sad for Tony Stewart, Ward family

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 Frontstretch Folio: AAA 400
by Brad Morgan

The Sprint Cup Series returns to Dover International Speedway for the 29th race of the 2014 season on Sunday, Sept. 28. Television coverage of the AAA 400 begins at 2 p.m. ET on ESPN; your local Motor Racing Network (MRN) affiliate and SiriusXM Radio Channel 90 will handle the radio broadcast. Drivers will compete for at least 400 laps (400 miles) before the checkered flag waves.

Records and Facts

Jimmie Johnson won at Dover in April and during the Chase last season. In total, Johnson has nine wins here, more than any driver in the history of the series. Johnson led 272 laps and beat Brad Keselowski to the stripe for his ninth victory.

Johnson's fall win at Dover in 2005 stands as the closest track finish since the advent of electronic scoring. He edged Kyle Busch by .08 seconds.

Hendrick Motorsports has more Dover wins (16) than any other organization. Johnson (nine) leads the way, followed by Jeff Gordon (four), Geoff Bodine (one), Ken Schrader (one) and Ricky Rudd (one).

Track Facts

Track Length: 1-mile oval
Pit Road Speed: 35 mph
Degree of Banking: 24 degrees
Frontstretch: 1,076 ft., 9 degrees of banking
Backstretch: 1,076 ft., 9 degrees of banking
Grandstand Seating: 135,000

Pre-race Schedule

Practices: Friday, Sept. 26, 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. ET on FOX Sports 1
Saturday, Sept. 27, 11 – 11:50 a.m. ET on FOX Sports 1

Happy Hour: Saturday, Sept. 27, 2 – 2:50 p.m. ET on FOX Sports 2

Qualifying: Friday, Sept. 26, 3:40 p.m. ET on ESPN2


Grand Marshal/Command: Brian Mitchell
Honorary Starter/Wave Green Flag: Don Gagnon
Invocation: TBA
National Anthem: USO Show Troupe
Honor Guard: Dover Air Force Base Honor Guard
Flyover: Russian YAK 52s, a Chinese CJ-6 and a U.S. RV-8TBA, The Bandit Flight Team

Race Day Forecast

Sunday: Clear
High: 77
Low: 59

They Said It:

“I got home last night and all the sudden it started hitting me that we have a shot to advance. I don’t know, the outlook is different, we can make it now. If we did, it would be good publicity for our sponsors, who have supported our team for such a long time.” - AJ Allmendinger

“You’re aiming for a moving target. Once the track starts taking rubber and starts getting black, the car drives 100-percent different than when the rubber’s not down. So, do you set up and adjust your car to drive on the rubber at the end of a run? Or for the first three-quarters of a run when it’s not down? So, it makes it really challenging to chase it. It’s strange to go around the track on a black racetrack, and then caution comes out, and by the time you go green again, it’s regular white concrete again. It’s kind of crazy." - David Gilliland

“Dover is definitely one of the most taxing places that we go to for sure. There are just a lot of g-forces as you go off into the corner and it kind of throws you down into a hole. There’s a lot of banking with a lot of speed and it’s hard on your body. I usually leave out of there with sore heels from where my feet have beat on the floorboard through the day. It’s definitely a very taxing race track for a driver.” - Kevin Harvick

“We’re so early in this thing and with the resets that there are the success of one day really means nothing come the last race at Homestead. With each reset it looks like an NCAA bracket. In that sense to compare it, it would be like if a great NCAA team beat a lower-seeded team it doesn’t really matter when you get to the next round. It’s great. It’s positive momentum and everything you want to do and think you should do, but when it resets it resets and nothing that you’ve done in the past really matters as long as you’re eligible for the bracket. We’re a long, long ways from using the word ‘favorite’ or feeling overly confident.” - Brad Keselowski


Happiness Is...Kyle Busch, AJ Allmendinger, Jobs, and Dover
by Huston Ladner

Nuts for Nationwide: Ben Rhodes Could Be Turner Scott's Next Big Thing
by Joseph Wolkin

NASCAR Rules Changes Creating Some Fascinating Conundrums
by Aaron Creed

Friday Faceoff: New Rules, Chase Choices, and 'Young Uns
by Frontstretch Staff

Frontstretch Foto Funnies: I Can't See Over the Dashboard
by Frontstretch Staff

Contract extension 'a dream come true' for Logano 

Quicken Loans extends pact with Newman, RCR

Stewart: 'This was 100 percent an accident' 

Friday's practice recaps from Dover

3 articles,courteousy Amanda Vincent
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NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at Dover International Speedway: entry list

NASCAR Nationwide Series at Dover International Speedway: entry list

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, entry list

Amanda Vincent

Courteousy The Stock Car Gazette (http://MotorSportsNews.Net)
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Stock Car Gazette
TV Times:  Nice Going, Brian France
by Lou Modestino
Ladies of NASCAR to Compete in Fourth Annual Better Half Dash on Bojangles’ Pole… CONCORD, N.C. (Sept. 25, 2014) – On Oct. 9, the ladies of NASCAR will steal the spotlight as they race Bandoleros in the fourth annual Better Half Dash, - See more at:
Google Alerts
Greenville News
SIMPSONVILLE – Back when Bobby Allison was winning races on NASCAR's Sprint Cup circuit, the "playoffs" meant baseball in October.
Yahoo Sports
Students are encouraged to work as active media members at the racetrack and ultimately tell the story of their unique experience at a NASCAR event.
Multi-talented and veteran mechanic, car chief and pit crew member Gordon Ernest Gibbs is being remembered for his long and successful career in ...
WDDE 91.1 FM | Delaware's NPR News station
Declining NASCAR race attendance at Dover International Speedway may lead track officials to reduce the track's seating capacity. Speedway ...
Brainerd Daily Dispatch
It's an annual affair. Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup season comes around, and as usual, Jimmie Johnson can be found at the top of the pack.
ABC News
NASCAR's Tony Stewart: Crash That Killed Young Driver Was '100 Percent an Accident'. HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. — Sep 26, 2014, 4:01 AM ET.
N A S C A R * C A N A D I A N * T I R E * S E R I E S

Inside Track Motorsport News
FRASERVILLE, ON- Road course ace Gary Klutt did not look out of place for a moment in his oval debut with the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series on ...

Lot's of news and  Friday (today) / Sunday ---weekend plans from Bridgeport Speedway ( ) ! See my Bridgeport Speedway news page :Bridgeport Speedway !  , for all the details !

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   Apparently it's not "just my humble opinion" !
     Joe }

How Penske's Winning Sprint Cup Chase with Only Two Cars

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Monster Mile Finale On Tap
Touring Schedules, Links & Notes

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For the last several weeks I have watched a great champion and a great man be dragged through the mud by reporters, a sheriff and a DA. I did what others thought I should do and I sat on my hands. His case has now been sent to a Grand Jury. It’s time to stop sitting on my hands.

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Greg Biffle called his runner-up finish at Talladega Superspeedway’s May race “disappointing,” and vowed to Airmen at Maxwell Air Force Base Thursday that his mission in the Oct. 19, GEICO 500 is to “”fight and win,” a saying that is part of The Airman’s Creed.

Hot 20 – After Dover, it is Over for Four Contenders

According to the Chase, a couple of Penske drivers lead the way in the standings with Sunday’s race at Dover to determine the dozen who advance to the next round. According to our season long standings, Brad Keselowski and Joey Logano certainly are worthy of consideration.

Three Challengers in Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup – Jimmie Johnson, Greg Biffle and Aric Almirola – Set for Talladega Pre-Race Question/Answer Session

Talladega Superspeedway announced today three of the 16 Challengers for the 2014 Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup – Jimmie Johnson, Greg Biffle and Aric Almirola – will participate in the track’s Pre-race Fan Question & Answer session at the start-finish line Sunday morning, October 19, prior to the start of the GEICO 500.

FedEx Racing Express Facts — Dover International Speedway

"Our FedEx team can certainly advance to the next segment, but now we need a little help on Sunday. It’s obviously disappointing to have a mechanical issue take us out of a good finish at New Hampshire, but it’s important to put that in the past and focus on what we can control this weekend at Dover.


Lights at Dover? Dale Jr. tweets evidence 

Ryan Truex opens up about end of BK Racing run 

NASCAR legends show #RE2PECT for Derek Jeter

Roundtable: Is Penske the team to beat? 

For Stewart, hurdles on and off the track remain 

RCR to follow up stalwart showing at Dover

Odds in favor of Jones as No. 51 visits Area 51

Wallace Jr. looks to cut into championship deficit

Courteousy  FOX Sports (

Monster pressure: For several drivers, it's bring it or go home

For four unlucky drivers, this 2014 Chase will be over in Dover

Jamie Little joins NASCAR on FOX team as pit reporter in 2015

Danica Patrick continues to improve -- and Jimmie Johnson notices

General Jimmie: Johnson trades No. 48 car for World War II tank

This NASCAR-themed basement is absolutely amazing 


Potential civil suit against Tony Stewart weakened by criminal investigation?

 Courteousy USA ( ):

Ryan: Many unknowns still remain for Stewart


Courteousy ARCA !

Doug DonnellyGo to full article
(DENVER, N.C. -- Sept. 25, 2014) – Ross Kenseth will attempt to make his first ARCA Racing Series start of 2014 on Friday, Oct. 3, for the ARCA 98.9 season finale at Kansas Speedway. Piloting the No. 3 RACE 101...Read more


Powered By Penske

It's an all-Penske front row in Ryan McGee's Sprint Cup Power Rankings. The big question: Is it Brad Keselowski or Joey Logano leading the pack? Rankings » McGee chat wrap »

 Logano's new dealVideo 

Courteousy Bleacher (      

Complete Guide to NASCAR Nationwide Series at Dover     

 Complete Guide to NASCAR Truck Series at Las Vegas

Courteousy The

Retro Infinity to Sponsor Rick Ware Racing for Eight Events

Late Wednesday night, Rick Ware Racing announced that Timmy Hill will return to the No. 23 Chevrolet in the Nationwide Series for Saturday's 5-Hour ENERGY 200 at Dover International Speedway.  Hill will also debut a new primary sponsor, Retro Infinity, Inc., a company that publishes classic video games on mobile devices.

The press release that RWR put out to announce the sponsorship only covers Dover.  It's much more than that.  Retro Infinity, Inc. put out their own release, dubbing their sponsorship the "RWR Retro Infinity Drive To Championship Weekend." 

Retro Infinity will sponsor RWR entries in eight races comprising four different series.  Those series are the Nationwide Series, the Camping World Truck Series, the Whelen Euro Series, and most interestingly, the Sprint Cup Series.  Hill is just one of the drivers listed for the program, in addition to Stanton Barrett, Carlos Contreras
and Kevin O'Connell, who have all raced for RWR this season in the Nationwide Series.

Retro Infinity CEO Eric Mitchell is very excited about promoting his company in NASCAR.

"NASCAR provides an exciting environment in which to provide awareness and showcase our mobile gaming products, and we look forward to further enhancing the fan experience at home, at the track and on the go for these races," Mitchell said in a press release.

The majority of Retro Infinity's sponsorship of RWR will be in the Nationwide Series where they will sponsor the team in five races (Dover, Kansas, Charlotte, Phoenix and Homestead).  The team will also attempt the Camping World Truck Series Kroger 200 and the Sprint Cup Series Goody's Headache Relief Shot 500 at Martinsville.  Finally, O'Connell will compete in the Whelen Euro Series at the Bugatti Circuit in Le Mans, France.

For Rick Ware Racing, Martinsville will not be their first foray into the Sprint Cup Series.  In 2002, the team attempted a number of races with Carl Long, but failled to qualify for any of them.  In 2012, the team attempted to move Timmy Hill up to Cup with sponsorship from Poynt, a mobile app.  The team only managed to qualify for one race, Las Vegas.  In that event, Hill crashed and finished 42nd.

Entry List Update:
Note: These entries are accurate as of Wednesday night.  However, they are still subject to change.

Sprint Cup Series AAA 400: 43 cars entered


Drivers Ineligible to Earn Points:
No. 32
- JJ Yeley for Go FAS Racing

No. 37 - Mike Bliss for Tommy Baldwin Racing

No. 40 - Landon Cassill for Hillman Racing

Driver Changes:
No. 32
- JJ Yeley returns to the seat, replacing Timmy Hill. Yeley is running a limited schedule in this car based on funding.

No. 44 - Timmy Hill is in the seat, replacing JJ Yeley.  Hill is driving for the newly re-dubbed Team Xtreme Racing, formerly Xxxtreme Motorsports.  This weekend will mark their first entry since June.

No. 66 - Joe Nemechek returns to the seat, replacing Mike Wallace. Nemechek is typically the main driver for this team.


Since there are only 43 cars entered, no one will fail to qualify.


Not Entered:

No. 77 - Corey LaJoie for Randy Humphrey Racing
No. 93 - Clay Rogers for BK Racing


Nationwide Series 5-Hour Energy 200: 40 cars entered

Drivers Ineligible to Earn Points:
No. 20
- Justin Boston for Joe Gibbs Racing

No. 22 - Joey Logano for Team Penske

No. 33 - Cale Conley for Richard Childress Racing

No. 42 - Kyle Larson for Turner Scott Motorsports

No. 54 - Kyle Busch for Joe Gibbs Racing
No. 80 - Alex Bowman for HRE Enterprises

No. 98 - Aric Almirola for Biagi-DenBeste Racing


Driver Changes:

No. 10 - Kevin Lepage returns to the seat, replacing Jeff Green.
No. 14 - Jeff Green returns to the seat, replacing Eric McClure.  Dover is Green's fifth and final scheduled race in the No. 14.
No. 22 - Joey Logano returns to the seat, replacing Michael McDowell.

No. 23 - Timmy Hill returns to the seat, replacing Cody Ware.  Robert Richardson, Jr. was originally entered in the car.  Hill's return comes with a new sponsor, Retro Infinity Inc., a publisher of classic video games on mobile platforms.
No. 29 - Milka Duno returns to the seat, replacing Daniel Suarez.  Duno will be making her Nationwide Series debut.

No. 31 - Dylan Kwasniewski returns to the seat, replacing Chase Pistone.
No. 42 - Kyle Larson returns to the seat, replacing Dylan Kwasniewski.

No. 54 - Kyle Busch returns to the seat, replacing Sam Hornish, Jr.

No. 80 - Alex Bowman is in the seat, replacing Ross Chastain.


Since there are only 40 cars entered, no one will fail to qualify.  However, these teams must still qualify on speed:
No. 10
- Kevin Lepage for TriStar Motorsports*
No. 17 - Tanner Berryhill for Vision Racing

No. 29 - Milka Duno for RAB Racing with Brack Maggard

No. 33 - Cale Conley for Richard Childress Racing

No. 46 - Ryan Ellis for The Motorsports Group*

No. 70 - Derrike Cope for Derrike Cope Racing

No. 72 - Harrison Rhodes for Carter Motorsports*

No. 80 - Alex Bowman for HRE Enterprises

No. 89 - Morgan Shepherd for Shepherd Motor Ventures*

No. 98 - Aric Almirola for Biagi-DenBeste Racing

Not Entered:
No. 5
- Austin Theriault for JR Motorsports

No. 13 - Carl Long for Carl Long Racing

No. 74 - Mike Harmon for Mike Harmon Racing

Camping World Truck Series Rhino Linings 350k: 30 trucks entered


Drivers Ineligible to Earn Points:
No. 20
- Jason White for NTS Motorsports


Driver Changes:
No. 08
- Jimmy Weller returns to the seat, replacing Ray Black, Jr.

No. 8 - Joe Nemechek returns to the seat, replacing his son John Hunter Nemechek.  John Hunter Nemechek is still too young to race at intermediate tracks.
No. 9 - Ron Hornaday, Jr. returns to the seat, replacing Brennan Newberry.  For Hornaday, Las Vegas marks his first of two races in the No. 9 with his Rheem sponsorship.

No. 20 - Jason White returns to the seat, replacing Gray Gaulding.
No. 23 - Spencer Gallagher returns to the seat, replacing Max Gresham.
No. 32 - Tayler Malsam returns to the seat, replacing Cameron Hayley.
No. 35 - An unknown driver will be in the seat, replacing Mason Mingus.  The team has stated that they will continue to race for the rest of the year despite Mingus leaving the operation.
No. 36 - Scott Stenzel returns to the seat, replacing Justin Jennings.
No. 63 - Justin Jennings returns to the seat, replacing JR Heffner.


Since only 30 trucks are entered, no one will fail to qualify.  However, these teams must still qualify on speed.

No. 0 - Caleb Roark for JJC Racing*

No. 7 - Brian Ickler for Red Horse Racing

No. 15 - Mason Mingus for Billy Boat Motorsports
No. 23 - Spencer Gallagher for GMS Racing

No. 36 - Scott Stenzel for MB Motorsports*

* - Expected to Start-and-Park


Not Entered:
No. 00
- Cole Custer for Stewart-Haas Racing

No. 57 - Ted Minor for Norm Benning Racing

No. 86 - Brandon Brown for Brown Motorsports

Today's Featured Commentary
Potts' Shots for the Week of September 22
Potts' Shots
by John Potts

The biggest story this week, of course, is that Tony Stewart will not face any charges from the incident in New York.  I think the best statement came from Tony himself, and I’m sure everyone has heard or read it by now.  He emphasized that we shouldn’t forget that a young man lost his life.

I said at the beginning that I didn’t think Tony would ever be the same.  I still believe that.

I’ve been an admirer and fan of Roger Penske for more than 50 years now.  I watched him drive a Pontiac in a USAC stock car race on the road course at Indianapolis Raceway Park, and also saw him drive his “envelope-bodied” Cooper in another road race there.

That Cooper was a harbinger of things to come – we should have all realized at the time that this was one of the most innovative people involved in racing.  Sort of a road racing version of Smokey Yunick.

The car was a damaged Cooper Formula One machine, I understand, that Penske’s people rebuilt and put the body on.  It was bad fast.  From the picture I found in my files, it ran in the D Modified class in SCCA, and let’s just say their officials made them do some changing.  For one thing, the seat was in the center of the car, and they wanted it offset, and also wanted a passenger seat included to make it fit the letter of the rules.  If I recall correctly, Penske moved the seat off-center by an inch or so and then put a pad on the other side.

Roger said once that “Luck is where preparation meets opportunity,” and it seems as if the Chase is starting to show just how prepared his NASCAR operation is.  I recall at the time he started that effort, he told people not to expect his team to tear up the circuit from the start, because he realized just how much talent there was down there.  I remember reading a book by his most famous driver, the late Mark Donohue, entitled, “The Unfair Advantage.”  Mark wrote that the unfair advantage was preparation.

That team was successful at Indianapolis, as well as in Can-Am, and a number of other circuits.  They proved that it didn’t matter if they were running a Lola, a Camaro, or a Javelin.  Penske even had some success in NASCAR with a Matador.

One of his innovations in road racing was a knockoff hub that fit over the five lug nuts on a wheel and removed them all at once.  SCCA took a dim view of that one.

I was lucky enough to meet him at Atlanta when ASA ran a combined program with CART, and I thanked him for making it possible for us to run there.  Every time we ran with them after that, usually Atlanta or Michigan, he stopped me and asked if I was having fun in that flagstand.

Looks like the Captain could be on his way to his first NASCAR championship.

Speaking of road racing, that discipline lost a former great one last week with the passing of Dr. Dick Thompson.  I’ll always remember him as the driver of the original Stingray back in the early 60s.  Everybody seemed to be wondering when GM would adopt that body style for the Corvette, and they did it in two stages.  The rear end went on the 1962 ‘Vette, and the front followed the next year.

I found a photo of that one, too.
I want to thank everyone who forwarded Happy Birthday wishes to me on Facebook this week.  I turned 76 on Wednesday, and I think I got a message from everybody I ever waved a flag over, announced their name, or even met casually.  Nearly all of them were involved in racing.

Well, there was one from an old pal who served at Misawa AB in Japan with the 6921st Radio Group (Mobile) back in the late 50s, but he and his wife are race fans, too.

I usually get 50 or 60 e-mails a day, most of them having to do with motorsports. By late Wednesday afternoon, the count was over 450.


Folks, it’s been an incredible career, and I’m still finding ways to be involved.  There were times when I didn’t think I’d make to 30, and some folks who saw me work Figure 8 races from the track had the same opinion.

I’ve been privileged to meet people that I could only have dreamed I would know, and I’m eternally grateful.

No less so to those who wished me well this week.

Courteousy The Stock Car Gazette (http://MotorSportsNews.Net )
(Thanks Heather !):

Google Alerts
Marietta Daily Journal
Ollie's Bargain Outlet, in the Villages of Mableton at 5590 Mableton Parkway SW in Mableton, will open today with NASCAR superstar Kevin Harvick ...

3 articles , courteousy Amanda Vincent
 (Thanks Amanda !!!):

NASCAR schedule and weather outlook for Dover, Las Vegas
Tony Stewart deserves apology
Things are going to be different in NASCAR in 2015
Amanda Vincent

Courteousy USA (

Read Story

 Transcript: DA press conference on Stewart case

Armour: Burden of blame on Ward Jr., not Stewart

NASCAR: No winners in Ward-Stewart tragedy 

Courteousy (

Truex Jr. Heading to Home Track With ‘Chase Numbers’

While Martin Truex Jr. might not be overjoyed with finishes of 14th and 12th in the last two Sprint Cup Series races, eight or half of the 16-driver Chase field would welcome the 62 points that the Furniture Row Racing driver accrued in Chicago and New Hampshire.

Bobby Labonte Racing Announces Changes for 2015

Bobby Labonte Racing (BLR) announced today the team will cease operations at the end of the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series season. Since 2007, BLR and driver Earl Pearson, Jr. have enjoyed championship success together. They won back-to-back Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series championships and some of dirt late model top events including the Indiana Icebreaker, Colossal 100 and the Dirt Track World Championship among others. The team was also the founder and house team of the Longhorn Chassis beginning in 2011.

FanVision and TrackScan – Just What Fans Want

Fans of NASCAR racing know that they can listen in on the drivers and teams communicating during the racing action via scanners that pick up the radio transmissions between driver and crew. What many people don’t realize is that the practice has gone on for many years.

NASCAR Top-10 Power Rankings: Loudon

"When I hit the wall,” Keselowski said, “I thought the worst. But the Chase is long and grueling, and won’t be won in a day. You’ve got to keep your eyes on the prize. For me personally, I’m able to see the ‘Lite’ at the end of the tunnel.”

Wall Stadium News !
Thanks Jeff Gravatt !



WALL TOWNSHIP, N.J. ~ With all six of the of the speedway’s regular stock car divisions on the agenda for this Saturday evening (Sept. 27), Wall Stadium Speedway will determine all of its driving titles with double points up for grabs in every main event. The “Double Point Showdown” will see the grandstands opening at 5:00 p.m. with qualifying events set for 5:45 p.m. and main events set for 7:00 p.m.

Due to the importance of the title chases, an October 4 rain date will be in effect for the September 27 events only.

            Going into Saturday night’s Downs Ford Modified 40-lap main event defending champion Chas Okerson of Freehold is at the top of the rankings but is followed closely by Trevor Alspach of Willingboro, Holmdel’s Andrew Krause, Shaun Carrig of Little Falls, Brick’s Shawna Ingraham, Eric Mauriello of Howell and Jackson’s Steven Reed.

            In the Sportsman division, set for a 30-lapper on Saturday, Kevin Davison of Howell and Ken Matlach of New Hyde Park, N.Y. are tight at the top of the point rankings. Scott Riggleman of Manchester holds a healthy lead in the Factory Stock point race going into Saturday’s 25-lapper, but Union’s Joey Helberg still has a shot.

            In the 4 Cylinder Stock division, with a 25-lapper on tap for Saturday, James Meyers of Port Monmouth is looking for his first crown while Alonzo Morales of Burlington leads the pack that is chasing him. The Legend Cars 25-lapper will be pivotal in the title chase as Brain Spencer of Edison is at the top of the rankings while Dan Roslin of Egg Harbor Township is frantically trying to catch him.

Defending Limited Late Model champ Brian Doyle of Ronkonkoma, N.Y. and Bayville’s Mike Tillett are tight in the race for the crown going into Saturday’s 25-lap main event.

On Saturday, pit gates will open at 1:00 p.m. with practice starting at 3:00 p.m. Grandstands will open at 5:00 p.m. and qualifying will start at 5:45 p.m. Main events for all divisions are scheduled for 7:00 p.m.

Wall Stadium presents professional motorsports events on Saturdays and Sundays through the end of September. Special post-season events are set for Saturday, October 18 when the “Spooky Spectacular” is on the agenda and for Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend in November when the traditional “Turkey Derby” will be presented.

The speedway is located on Route 34 in Wall Township, N.J., just one mile north of Garden State Parkway exit 98 and Interstate 195 exit 35B. The speedway hotline number is 732-681-6400, while is the track’s email address. More information is also available at


NASCAR statement on Tony Stewart decision 

Allmendinger on the cusp of Chase advancement  \

One person isn't buying the Chase Elliott hype

RCR, Yuengling extend partnership into 2015

Ron Hornaday Jr. eager for return to track

Jeff Burton on standby for Clint Bowyer this week 

Chase exciting, but it's just getting started                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Precarious place: Is Hamlin really in danger of not advancing in Chase?

 Tony Stewart asks to remember a life was lost

Ward family blames Stewart for death, will 'pursue all remedies' 

Mobil 1 says sponsorship of Tony Stewart remains intact

Probing deeper: Why did a grand jury clear Tony Stewart of wrongdoing?

Mark Martin

What's Next For Martin?

For better than three decades, every path Mark Martin sought led to the same destination: Victory Lane.
Now in the early stages of retirement, Martin is faced with a daunting dilemma: What now? Marty Smith »

No Charges Against Stewart

Tony Stewart will not face charges in the death of Kevin Ward Jr. The DA said there was marijuana found in Ward's system, "enough to impair judgment." Story »AnalysisVideo   Smith: Huge toll on all involvedVideo

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Grand jury makes call not to charge Tony Stewart
Amanda Vincent

Sizzlers following the Sylvania 300
written by Christopher Sorbey
submitted by Amanda Vincent

Power Rankings -- Dover International Speedway -- Fantasy Insider
written by Joe Nieves
submitted by Amanda Vincent

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Travis Kvapil to Race for BK Racing at Dover; Truex Future Uncertain

BK Racing team owner Ron Devine has confirmed that Ryan Truex will not be entered in the No. 83 Toyota Camry this weekend at Dover International Speedway. Travis Kvapil, who piloted the car for the organization at Loudon, will be behind the wheel for the second straight weekend. Read more.

Today's Featured Commentary
The Bloom of Youth
Professor of Speed
by Mark Howell

General George Armstrong Custer’s last stand occurred in 1876, in what was the Montana Territory. Cole Custer’s first stand occurred last weekend in New Hampshire.

Say what you will about the particulars of Custer’s Camping World Truck Series victory last Saturday, but his accomplishment at the age of 16 will look most impressive amongst the names, dates, and ages jotted down in NASCAR’s great-big-book-o’-records. Sure, Danica Patrick scored a gender-best finish at Atlanta a few weeks ago, but consider her age (which is 32); when compared to Cole Custer, Danica’s no spring chicken.

It’s not very often (OK, so it’s likely been never...) that you see a driver standing in Victory Lane wearing a broad-billed baseball cap. Call it “East Coast rap” style, as in “Cole Custer rapped on the competition in New England and won in only his seventh Truck Series start.”

Bring on the bling... as in trophies...

Most citizens of NASCAR Nation understand that the sport has been – for far too long now – suffering from both decreased event attendance and television ratings. As football season gains momentum, we can expect even fewer homes tuning in to watch NASCAR races as the leaves change color and the nights grow cold.

Will an infusion of youthful enthusiasm set NASCAR on the proper path to fan sustainability?

If “Virginia is for lovers”, then New Hampshire was for Millennials. Not only did Cole Custer bluster his Chevrolet to the front on a late-race restart, but, on Sunday, the top-2 finishers in the Sprint Cup race (Joey Logano and Kyle Larson) had an average age of 22.5 years. Third-place finisher Kevin Harvick seemed positively ancient at his ripe old age of 38….

And this youthful infusion across NASCAR Nation is everywhere. Bubba Wallace, Jr. finished second to Custer in the Truck race, and he’s all of 20 years old. Matt Crafton, who – like Harvick – ran third, was old (again, like Harvick…) at 38 years of age.

Consider the Dillon brothers who have an average age of 23. Ponder the youthful success of Chase Elliott, who tips the calendar at 18. Remember that NASCAR, several years ago, was so afraid of what young upstarts like Kyle Busch and the aforementioned Joey Logano might do when put in touring series machines that the sanctioning body tweaked the rulebook and raised the minimum age for competing in such events.

A whole lot of good that did!

Let’s face facts: it’s a young person’s world. As I rocket toward the age of 50 BC (Before Colonoscopy), I awake each morning with the harsh realities of aging. And it’s not just the customary aches and pains and nonexistent hair; growing older hits me like a pillowcase full of rocks every time I lurch across campus and stagger up staircases that seem to grow longer (like my ear hairs!) each year. Nothing drives the reality of aging home faster than spending your days around students who are, on average, about three decades your junior….

And speaking of Junior, guess who turned forty this year?

Given such a visible youth movement within NASCAR, it makes perfect sense to have events sponsored by the University of Northwestern Ohio. UNOH is home to one of the finest (and sadly, only) motorsports programs in higher education. This school has dedicated itself to revitalizing the motorsports industry – a revitalization that seems necessary given that the foundations of most racing series are growing older, as is the natural course of events.

Aging might result in fine wine, but it does little when trying to sustain a sport….

So I was pretty stoked to see events unfold at New Hampshire this past weekend as they did. It’s exciting to see young people make their marks in NASCAR and give the sport some positive public recognition. Considering the state of the NFL right now, good news about NASCAR earns our sport a little extra traction.

When I was 16, the future of racing looked bright, and I was only messing around with NASCAR Modifieds on a half-mile oval on the Southern Tier of Upstate New York. From where I sit right now, maybe the sport’s future looks bright once again.

Just don’t ask me to stand up too fast….

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Stock Car Gazette
And The 2015 NASCAR Rules Are Out
by Chuck Abrams

Danica Patrick – Four Straight Top-20 Finishes KANNAPOLIS, N.C. (Sept. 23, 2014) – The good fortune for Danica Patrick continued right through the end of summer. Now she is hoping she can make it work ... - See more at:

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Kingsport Times News
DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- With a resume featuring more than 40 years in motorsports, Kenny Hunley is well acquainted with NASCAR's short-track ...
Detroit Free Press
Gordon, a versatile auto racing veteran who has won in IndyCar and NASCAR's Sprint Cup Series, has known Young, who previously worked at IMG ...
News& Observer
The AAA 400 at Dover International Speedway is the 29th race on the 2014 Sprint Cup Series schedule. It's also the third and final event in the 
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Twisted Tea Brings Primary Sponsorship of Richard Petty Motorsports to Dover

Twisted Tea will bring primary sponsorship to the No. 9 Richard Petty Motorsports (RPM) Ford this weekend at the Dover International Speedway. Marcos Ambrose will race the blue and yellow scheme of the hard iced tea company. Twisted Tea joined RPM at the end of 2013 and has been an associate sponsor on the No. 9 Ford throughout the season.

Almirola Still in the Hunt; Nothing to Lose at Dover

A sixth-place finish at New Hampshire Motor Speedway put Aric Almirola and No. 43 team back in the hunt of the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup. This weekend, the Nathan's Famous team will focus on what they can control and get the highest possible finish.


Fans at Phoenix International Raceway will be in for a thrill at the Quicken Loans Race for Heroes 500 when Hayley Orrantia, one of the stars ABC’s hit sitcom “The Goldbergs,” performs the national anthem on stage before the start of the race. The final Eliminator race in the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup, the Quicken Loans Race for Heroes 500 is scheduled for Sunday, Nov. 9 at 1:00 p.m. MST (3:00 p.m. EST) and will be televised live on ESPN.

McMurray Shows Off Planes, But Has Martinsville Speedway On His Mind

Like most NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers, McMurray depends on private air travel to get back and forth to races, sponsor appearances and test sessions. McMurray spent a few hours Tuesday touring the Cessna Citation Service Center in Greensboro, NC, talking about airplanes and racing as part of a media event touting the upcoming Goody’s® Headache Relief Shot® 500 at Martinsville Speedway.

Doug Yates Discusses 2015 Rules Package With Ford Racing

NASCAR announced its 2015 rules package for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series this afternoon. Ford Racing spoke with Roush Yates Engines CEO Doug Yates and got his reaction to these changes.

A new twist to qualifying for the DAYTONA 500 is among the 2015 rules changes that NASCAR officials announced on Tuesday afternoon

Ragan Ready to ‘Fight a Good Fight’ against the Monster

David Ragan, driver of the No. 34 Plimpton & Hills Ford, comments on racing at Dover International Speedway:

Gilliland: The Monster Is a Moving Target

David Gilliland, driver of the No. 38 Long John Silver's Ford, comments on racing at Dover International Speedway:


 Fact sheet: 2015 rules package 

Horsepower reduction among 2015 rules package changes

Carl Edwards: Dover 'is going to be insane' 

Dale Jr. on new Chase: 'This thing is intense'

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Jimmie Johnson torn on testing ban, wants cars that are 'hard to drive'

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 Tires Confiscated by NASCAR Following Sylvania 300

MRN's Pete Pistone is reporting that NASCAR took the tires from four teams back to the NASCAR R&D Center for evaluation.  The reasoning appears to have to do with a search for illegal bleeder valves.  Read more at Frontstretch

Hornish A Potential Replacement For Ambrose At Richard Petty Motorsports?

Ever since Marcos Ambrose announced that he's leaving Richard Petty Motorsports, returning to Australia there have been a number of drivers rumored to replace him in the No. 9.  Add Sam Hornish, Jr. to that list.  Read more at Frontstretch
Today's Featured Commentary
How NASCAR Found All The Young Superstars
Sitting in the Stands: A Fan's View
by S.D. Grady

Yes, there was quite a stir in New Hampshire this past weekend.  Hopes were raised and dashed for the 16 Chase contenders.  Nerves were stretched taut and the odds makers in Vegas had heart attacks with every car that went sailing off into the wall.

However, this weekend wasn't all about Joey Logano hoisting a massive lobstah over his head.  There was a veritable tidal wave of youth in NASCAR banging down the doors in all three national series.  We've seen it coming for a while, but with Kyle Larson running an incredible race last week -- bringing home a third-place finish in Chicagoland -- then backing it up with a solid second-place run at New Hampshire, it's got everybody talking about the new generation of NASCAR drivers. 

As well it should. What's even better, the No. 42 Target Ganassi machine may just be the tip of the iceberg.  What?  How can that be?  Why, only a couple years ago we were laughing at the purported rookie classes in the Cup Series and how no matter how hard we tried, there was no young talent to be had.  Where did all these young drivers come from, and wait... who are they?

Believe it or not, something NASCAR has done has actually reaped the rewards it intended.   It took a while, but all good things...  In 2006, NASCAR realigned its developmental divisions -- what used to be called the Busch North Series and the Winston West Series.  Both were well respected within their own regions, but they catered more to the shade tree mechanics, race teams run out of local garages and traveling in beat up trailers to truly local events.  As a driver, if you were noticed by a Charlotte team in one of the little races, it was through sheer luck. You probably didn't have the time and money to set up the kind of promotion machine needed to garner national attention.  Thus, the lone names that climbed out of the series were few and far between -- like Steve Park and Ricky Craven.

NASCAR expanded both series, calling them originally the Camping World East and Camping World West.  Both included teams from almost half the country and ultimately, tended to draw in the pockets and efforts of Cup teams for support.  Their circuits encompassed a larger portion of the country and appeared at tracks well known by the larger racing community.

At the time, I bemoaned the loss of local racing, as many of the old teams simply couldn't afford to drive to Tennessee or Iowa in order to compete.  However, as time has passed it's clear that the Cup dollars actually helped to build a stronger platform for NASCAR over time.  We now have rookies like Larson and Dillon, Nationwide stars Chris Buescher, Chase Elliott, Dylan Kwasniewski, Gray Gaulding and yes, down in the truck garage we've discovered Cole Custer, Saturday's 16-year-old winner of the UNOH 175.

All of these young men have risen through the ranks of the now K&N Pro East/West series and are backed by strong teams.  Where it used to take a driver until they were age 30 to find the spotlight of NASCAR, the "Little League" system is now lining up teenagers to sign the big-time contracts.  Sort of like the tried and true recruiting efforts that the MLB and NFL have designed over time.  Below the K&N series, we even have the Legends and Bandolero series designed for getting kids into the cockpit well before they could ever dream of handling a full-sized race car.

Through these efforts, NASCAR has created a pool of young, eager talent ready to step up into the big time.  That can only appeal to sponsors who like to see a surefire return on their marketing dollar -- nobody is going to back John Smith from Nowhere USA if you've never heard of them before.  By the time Kyle Larson and Austin Dillon arrived in the Sprint Cup Series, they had been spotlighted on enough auto racing media over several years to already be household names, making them a strong investment opportunity for not only sponsors, but also their racing teams.  We should expect the same kind of grooming for the new class of youngsters.

All of this effort results in one thing -- a deep well of talent ready for the sport to dip into whenever it is needed.  Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Greg Biffle and other aging racers won't be driving forever.  One day they will vacate their rides, and it's important to NASCAR as a business, and to my Sunday afternoon's enjoyment, that we have an able crew of youth equipped to rise up to the challenge.

Sometimes, NASCAR does get it right. Sometimes...

2014 Sonya Strictly by the Stats

Top Three Rookies for 2014 Sylvania 300

1.) No. 42 Kyle Larson - Started 10th, Finished 2nd (1st in RoTY standings)

2.) No. 3 Austin Dillon - Started 22nd, Finished 11th (2nd in RoTY standings)

3.) No. 51 Justin Allgaier - Started 24th, Finished 20th (3rd in RoTY standings)

Numbers Game: Sylvania 300
by Tom Bowles

Laps led by Hendrick Motorsports' four-car team at New Hampshire. To date, they've only led 26 laps in the Chase (Jeff Gordon, Chicagoland).

Top-5 finish in the last 18 races for Greg Biffle, who was 16th Sunday and sits tied for 13th in the Chase standings.

Straight top-3 finishes for Kyle Larson, something no other driver has done inside the Chase. No Chip Ganassi Racing entry (add Jamie McMurray) has run worse than 12th over the last five races.

Chasers to run inside the top 10 Sunday: Larson, McMurray, and Brian Vickers.

Wins for Joey Logano this season. He had three victories, total during his Cup career before this season. (2008-present)

Races won by Penske's two-car Cup operation (Brad Keselowski, Joey Logano) over their last five starts.

Lead changes Sunday, tied for the fewest for any New Hampshire race over the last six seasons.

Winners in the last 11 races at New Hampshire. Who was the last one to repeat? Joey Logano, who won his first ever Cup race at the track in 2009.

Caution flags at New Hampshire, the most for any Cup race at the track since 1994.

Laps led by Kevin Harvick, more than any other NASCAR Chase driver through the first two playoff events. Harvick actually led the most laps at Chicagoland and Loudon but failed to win either event.

Money won by Dale Earnhardt, Jr. for finishing ninth.

Money won by Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. for crashing and finishing 39th.

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Chase Contenders Take Part In Pivotal Two-Day Test Session At Texas Motor Speedway FORT WORTH, Texas (Sept. 22, 2014) - Less than 24 hours after his impressive victory at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Team Penske driver Joey Logano turned his focus ... - See more at:
After New Hampshire, all Chase drivers are back in the game - See more at:

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Beyond the Flag
On Tuesday (September 23rd) NASCAR is expected to announce the 2015 rule package for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. It is expected that the ...
Los Angeles Times
After winning the NASCAR truck race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway on Saturday, Cole Custer and his family had dinner at a nearby restaurant ...
Detroit Free Press
LOUDON, N.H. -- Wherever in the world the namesake of Team Penske was, the dominance of his NASCAR team still reached him Sunday.
KVVU Las Vegas
NASCAR has announced the After The Lap fan event will return to Las Vegas for the sixth consecutive year, this time with an expanded number of ...
DOVER — When it comes to racing, Jim Waddington is a big fan of having NASCAR in town. The Kent County Levy Court Economic Development ...
Two teams on the opposite ends of the Chase spectrum tested this afternoon on the 1.5-mile Texas Motor Speedway. Team Penske's duo of Brad ...
The pressure mounts for Chase teams every week that goes by

2 articles, courteousy  Amanda Vincent
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Where they stand: NASCAR Nationwide Series points after Kentucky

Where they stand: NASCAR Camping World Truck Series points after New Hampshire
Amanda Vincent


New Hampshire, for about 180 laps, was a mind numbing experience. It was the Round-and-round 300, and when you add the beleaguered ESPN desk trios to the mix, it was damn near unwatchable. Then stuff started to happen.

Surprising and Not Surprising: New Hampshire Sylvania 300

In the second race of the Chase for NASCAR’s championship, here is what was surprising and not surprising from the 18th annual Sylvania 300 at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

Chevy NSCS at New Hampshire Two: Kyle Larson and Kevin Harvick Post Race Transcripts

In an exciting green-white-checkered ending to the Sylvania 300 NASCAR Sprint Cup race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway (NHMS), Rookie-of-the-Year contender, Kyle Larson, made another top showing with a runner-up finish in his No. 42 Target Chevrolet SS.

Logano Makes Ford Racing 2-for-2 In Chase Races With Loudon Victory

This is my home race track, the coolest place to win for me. I could never pick a better race track to win. I watched my first Cup race here when I was five and I won that other Cup race here, but I just felt like I had to win one the right way here, and this means so much.



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The road to the championship runs through Team Penske

ANALYSIS: Mission Accomplished? Chase format already showing results

DW: 'Penske Perfect' still rings true in Sprint Cup garage

NASCAR Power Rankings: Team Penske continues to lead the way

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Doug DonnellyGo to full article
(SPARTA, Ky. – Sept. 21, 2014) – Reigning ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards SCOTT Rookie of the Year Justin Boston had a big day Saturday in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. Boston, 25, started 12th and...Read more

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Chase Gremlins At Loudon

Denny Hamlin's championship run may have run out of gas at New Hampshire. But he wasn't the only
Chase contender bedeviled by miscues and malfunctions. James » Moment of the Race: Logano! »

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{Sad News }

Courteousy USA (

Read Story

Courteousy Bleacher (


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( ):Sprint Cup Race Recap:

Logano Wins Wild Loudon Adventure
by Justin Tucker

It was a Hometown Boy succeeding at his home track in New England Sunday. Connecticut native Joey Logano took advantage of fresher tires and a great jump on a wild green-white-checkered restart to pull away from the field and win the Sylvania 300 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. The victory secured his spot in the next round of the Chase for the Sprint Cup championship, joining teammate Brad Keselowski in what's been a 1-2 punch to start the playoffs for Penske Racing.

Logano led 73 laps en route to scoring his fourth win of the season and second career win at NHMS.  Wrestling the lead away from Kevin Harvick, with 27 laps to go the young driver then used the benefit of fresh tires to pull away from the field, holding off rookie phenom Kyle Larson by 1.150 seconds to secure the win.

"This is my home race track, coolest place to win for me," Logano said.  "I watched my first Cup race here when I was five.  This just means so much to me.  Just got to thank all the boys at Penske, we're doing what we've got to do to win this thing, both teams are."

Logano, who typically calls NHMS "one of his worst tracks" was victimized in the first race here this season after Morgan Shepherd lost control and spun him out. This time, there would be no such bad break as "Sliced Bread" sliced through the field after pitting for fresh rubber with 53 laps to go, charging from 16th to take control of the race.

"I went to sleep last night hoping for a top 5," Logano said. "We've got to keep our eye on the prize and think about the big trophy at the end."

Larson, who now has two top-3 finishes in two Chase races was hoping to steal one on a green-white-checkered finish. Muscling by Harvick for second, the rookie looked impressive but lost too much track position clearing the No. 4 car in order to track down Logano. Poor restarts were a running theme for Harvick, who ultimately complained about Logano potentially jumping the start multiple times down the stretch.

"I thought it was pretty clear:  on two stripes and one stripe, you start in between those two spots," he said. "It was pretty evident he was a car length or two car lengths starting before that.  It was like nobody was watching upstairs.  Maybe I just need to be more aggressive on my restarts and start sooner than the double lines."

Seven of the top-10 positions in the running order Sunday were occupied by Chase contenders.  Rounding out the top five in Sunday's Sylvania 300 were Kevin Harvick, who led a race-high 104 laps in third, Jamie McMurray fourth, and Jimmie Johnson fifth.  Aric Almirola was sixth, while points leader Brad Keselowski was seventh.  Kyle Busch finished eighth with a heavily damaged car, while Dale Earnhardt, Jr. rallied from a loose wheel to finish ninth.  Brian Vickers rounded out the top-10 finishers.

A staggering 15 caution flags slowed the 300-lap event and many of the yellow flags that waved on Sunday involved Chase contenders (see Sidebar Stories below for more).  Denny Hamlin's day was worst of all, as he finished 37th and was put in an almost "must-win" situation next weekend at Dover.

"It's so frustrating because you know on performance you deserve to move on," Hamlin said in the garage area before the race's end.  "We would have a great shot to move on and really make some noise here in these last eight races, but in this three-race section, you just can't have one bad week -- not right now.  You've got to be flawless, you've got to be at your best these last 10 and we just got bit by a mechanical deal.  We've had them bite us in Chases in the past, and I thought we were past that, but sometimes you roll the dice and you crap out.  Today's that day for us."

The wild race featured all but two of its yellow flags in the final 133 laps of the race, a series of wrecks jumbling up the running order. The biggest was when Kasey Kahne, Kyle Busch, Matt Kenseth, and Ryan Newman all were involved in a lap 189 accident which saw Busch's No. 18 Toyota receive heavy damage.  However, Busch was able to recover and drive to an eighth-place finish while Newman finished 18th, Kenseth 21st, and Kahne a disappointing 23rd.

Jeff Gordon cut a right-front tire with seven laps remaining, which sent his No. 24 Drive To End Hunger Chevrolet into the turn 1 wall.  Gordon would limp home to a 26th-place finish.  Despite the crash, Gordon is still 21 points to the good from the Chase cutoff. Heading into the round 1 finale at Dover you've got Hamlin, Greg Biffle, Kurt Busch, and Aric Almirola in the bottom four and in danger of being eliminated from championship contention.

Here's a quick look at the Sylvania 300 by the numbers.  There were ten lead changes among six different drivers and 15 cautions for 63 laps slowed the race pace to 98.697 MPH. Next week, the Sprint Cup Series heads to the Monster Mile and Dover International Speedway for the Sprint Cup AAA 400. The green flag next Sunday at Dover is scheduled for 2:15 p.m.

Chasing the Chase: Penske 1-2 After Loudon

by Phil Allaway

Sunday's race started out somewhat normal, but turned into a wild extravaganza of aggressive driving and incidents.  Even the top title contenders weren't immune.  Points leader Brad Keselowski spun into the wall in turn 1 on lap 194.  However, Keselowski would come back to finish seventh, keeping his point lead in the Challenger Round.  He has the slimmest of margins over teammate Joey Logano, who won on Sunday to lock himself into the next round.  Kevin Harvick is the closest rival to this Penske 1-2 juggernaut; he moved up one place to third after a third-place finish at Loudon, continuing his solid start to this Chase.

After a fairly anonymous Chicagoland, Jimmie Johnson finished fifth on Sunday and moved up four places, to fourth in the standings.  Kyle Busch, meanwhile is now in a tie for fifth after running eighth.  The younger Busch is tied with Dale Earnhardt, Jr., who actually ran out of new tires during the race and had to run ones from practice to earn a ninth-place result. 

Jeff Gordon had a good run going, but lost a tire in the closing laps.  That dropped him to a 26th-place finish.  As a result, Gordon lost five places in the points.  Despite getting involved in an incident, Matt Kenseth moved up into a tie for eighth after finishing 21st on Sunday.  Kenseth is tied with past and future teammate Carl Edwards, who ran 17th.

AJ Allmendinger struggled early on Sunday, but found the handle and managed to finish 13th.  That was good enough to boost him to tenth in points and a potential spot in the next round, provided he runs well in Dover.  Kasey Kahne and Ryan Newman are tied for 11th, one point behind Allmendinger.

Chase Point Standings: 1) Brad Keselowski 20972) Joey Logano -1, 3) Kevin Harvick -7, 4) Jimmie Johnson -17, t-5) Kyle Busch -20, t-5) Dale Earnhardt, Jr. -20, 7) Jeff Gordon -27, t-8) Matt Kenseth -40, t-8) Carl Edwards -40, 10) AJ Allmendinger -41, t-11) Kasey Kahne -42, t-11) Ryan Newman -42, t-13) Denny Hamlin -48, t-13) Greg Biffle -48, 15) Kurt Busch -50, 16) Aric Almirola -52.

Non-Chase Point Standings (1-20): 1) Jeff Gordon 975, 2) Dale Earnhardt, Jr. -24, 3) Joey Logano -59, 4) Brad Keselowski -60, 5) Jimmie Johnson -102, 6) Kevin Harvick -103, 7) Matt Kenseth -121, 8) Ryan Newman -138, 9) Carl Edwards -147, 10) Kyle Larson -154, 11) Greg Biffle -173, 12) Kasey Kahne -188, 13) Jamie McMurray -193, 14) Clint Bowyer -194, 15) Kyle Busch -214, 16) Austin Dillon -216, 17) Paul Menard -222, 18) Brian Vickers -239, 19) Denny Hamlin -270, 20) Kurt Busch -280.

Race Winners: Dale Earnhardt, Jr. (Daytona-1, Pocono-1, Pocono-2), Kevin Harvick (Phoenix, Darlington), Brad Keselowski (Las Vegas, Kentucky, Loudon-1, Richmond-2, Chicagoland), Carl Edwards (Bristol-1, Sonoma), Kyle Busch (Fontana), Kurt Busch (Martinsville), Joey Logano (Texas, Richmond, Bristol-2, Loudon-2), Denny Hamlin (Talladega), Jeff Gordon (Kansas, Indianapolis, Michigan-2), Jimmie Johnson (Charlotte, Dover, Michigan-1), Aric Almirola (Daytona-2), AJ Allmendinger (Watkins Glen), Kasey Kahne (Atlanta).

Blue - Locked into the Contender Round

Sidebar Stories: Loudon-2
by Phil Allaway

Multiple Chase Contenders Find Trouble At Loudon

The Chase for the Sprint Cup's Challenger Round was nearly turned upside down on Sunday, as a number of Chasers had serious problems.  The one that was hurt the most was Denny Hamlin, who suffered through a multitude of issues.  After leading the race off pit road following stops during the competition caution, Hamlin led 32 laps.  However, his team failed to get the car full of fuel.  That led to an early green-flag pit stop from second, one that trapped him a lap down when a debris caution flew on lap 106.  A fuel pick-up issue was the culprit for that, costing Hamlin precious time to fix the problem and leaving him four-plus laps behind.  Later, Hamlin crashed, piling into a multi-car wreck to send his No. 11 Toyota behind the wall.  The 37th-place finish dropped Hamlin out of the top 12 in points and will require him to hustle at Dover in order to advance.

In addition to Hamlin, fellow Chasers Brad Keselowski, Kyle Busch, Kurt Busch, Jeff Gordon, Kasey Kahne, Ryan Newman and Matt Kenseth were all involved in wrecks.  Those driver's races were affected in varying ways.  Keselowski got back to the front quickly and led late before dropping to a seventh-place finish.  Kyle Busch also earned a top-10 result. 

On the flip side, Kurt Busch ended up in the garage after cutting a tire and crashing on lap 222.  Busch lost over 30 laps getting repairs and finished 36th, dropping him to 15th in points.  Jeff Gordon was running well until he cut a tire and hit the wall in turn 1 with less than ten laps to go.  Gordon's crew repaired the No. 24 enough on pit road so that he could finish as the last car on the lead lap in 26th.  However, the finish dropped Gordon from second to seventh in points.

The various issues allowed a couple of drivers who had bad days at Chicagoland to get back in contention to advance.  Despite dealing with a terrible car for much of the race, AJ Allmendinger finished 13th and moved up to tenth in points.  Aric Almirola, who blew an engine last week at Chicagoland, finished sixth and cut his margin to the next round cutoff from 23 points to ten.  Almirola still remains 16th in the 16-driver field heading to Dover.

Yuhas Hospitalized After Wild Modified Crash

Typically, one of the highlights of a Sprint Cup weekend at New Hampshire Motor Speedway is the Modified race.  Saturday was no exception as Woody Pitkat won the F. W. Webb 100, held after the Camping World Truck Series' UNOH 175.  However, the first attempt at a green-white-checkered finish was marred by a large crash exiting turn 2.  Todd Szegedy failed to come up to speed, which created a chain reaction.  The No. 64 of Ron Yuhas, Jr. went over the No. 75 of Timmy Solomito, hit the wall head-on, then flipped onto its roof.

Rescue crews had to gently flip Yuhas' car over in order to extricate the 37-year-old driver from Groton, CT.  According to RaceDayCT's Shawn Courchesne, Yuhas did exit the car under his own power, but he was immediately placed on a stretcher and taken to the Infield Care Center.  From there, Yuhas was transferred to a local hospital with undisclosed injuries.  As of Sunday afternoon, he was resting comfortably while his sister, Sharon, released a statement saying in part that Yuhas would make a full recovery.

Coverage of the F. W. Webb 100 can be seen Saturday morning at 10 a.m. on FOX Sports 1.

Quotes to Remember: Sylvania 300
compiled by Phil Allaway

"No, I thought we gave it away at that point, but four tires were good and we had some good restarts and were able to get ourselves back up there.  We worked hard.  This is my home racetrack, the coolest place to win for me.  I could never pick a better racetrack to win.  I watched my first Cup race here when I was five and I won that other Cup race here, but I just felt like I had to win one the right way here, and this [win] means so much.  I’ve got to thank all the boys at Team Penske.  We’re doing what we’ve got to do to win this thing right now – both teams are – and I’m proud of that.  This is my home track so it means so much to me." - Joey Logano, race winner

"The first two weeks have gone really well.  It was important for us to get off to a good start to make sure we weren't scrambling after week one.  That stuff seems to pile on.  I think that's a lot of what happens.  Toward the end of the race today, that's what happened... You have to be aggressive.  This place is tough to be aggressive on.  We wound up with a ton of restarts, different strategies.  I thought at one point we were going to win the race, then the next thing I know the 2 is in the left rear quarterpanel, I'm out of the groove. It was hard racing.  I enjoyed it.  Hopefully, we can keep running like we're running." - Kevin Harvick, finished third

"I thought the outside had been better for me, especially on new tires. When we made the last two or three restarts, the bottom actually seemed to have a little bit of [an] advantage. I got lucky; I got a good run on Brad (Keselowski) going into one. Got underneath him and was able to clear him and the No. 48 (Jimmie Johnson) off of turn 2.  It was a really good day for our WEMO Chevy. All those cautions are fairly frustrating. I know it is fun to watch as a fan, but you are so panicked as a driver as to which lane you are going to get to restart in because that is critical. It was a fun day. It was a pretty good race, I thought." - Jamie McMurray, finished fourth

"It was a wild day, especially with all of those restarts. Man, I don’t know what it looked like from the grandstands today, but I can tell you that inside the car, I was hanging on, trying not to spin out. We certainly had a lot of cautions, and all those restarts.  Strong day for the Lowe’s Chevrolet. Wish we had a little bit more, but we kind of finished where we ran throughout the day. I got some good points for this second race in this new format." - Jimmie Johnson, finished fifth

"We cut it down to a realistic possibility going to Dover.  I think [we] were nine or 10 points out of 12th, so that’s manageable. If we went to Dover 28 points out, we might as well go ahead and just throw in the towel, but that’s exactly what we needed.  I said all week the best thing we can do if we can’t win, we need to go and try to run top five.  We ran sixth and we’ve got to try and put pressure on those other guys.  We’re down but we’re not out.  I said that after Chicago. We’ll go to Dover and give them everything we’ve got and wherever it shakes out, it shakes out.  We can only control what we can control and today, we did that and did a good job and finished sixth.  We’ll do the same thing at Dover and we’ll see what happens." - Aric Almirola, finished sixth

"I just hate that we got messed up there.  (Matt) Kenseth was trying to race with the guy in front of him to pass him, I think it was (Jamie) McMurray, and got loose.  I checked up, but not quick enough.  I hit him, but then the guy behind me — I think it was Kasey (Kahne) — he just drove right through me.  He couldn’t see what was going on in front of me — the spoilers on these cars, you can’t see.  I don’t know, we kept working on it, kept fighting on it and put fresh tires on it every chance we could get and we came back for a really good finish, all things considered.  That’s a day that would do you good in the old format, just being able to salvage one and get a good day to keep going throughout and not have a bad day.  But with this format, I’m not sure it matters." - Kyle Busch, finished eighth

"Yeah, I like the way we worked all day.  We had to put on some real old tires there.  We ran out of tires so that last set of tires we put on had some practice laps on them.  We still hung in there and had some good restarts.  Everybody gets on my ass about them restarts; we had some pretty good ones today.  The last one wasn’t too good, but I was on the inside slipping around. We had fun and I’m glad we were able to rebound, that was pretty dramatic there for a while.  Had a little issue on the right-front, which is going to happen [but] we shook it off. We shook it off like Denny Hamlin (laughs) and we went back to work.  The guys gave me great stops after that and I’m proud of my team.  You’re going to have mistakes.  I’m going to make mistakes, but nobody really got on anybody; everybody sort of regrouped and we finished out the day." - Dale Earnhardt, Jr., finished ninth

"In this race, we were awful honestly.  We really struggled. I was driving my butt off to keep us on the lead lap.  We got lucky twice with the Lucky Dog. Then, from there, we started making a couple of adjustments that were pretty good. I was just bad on the restarts; really struggled on restarts.  Then, with about 100 to go, we got a little bit of track position. I got a good restart there. I could start on the outside and the car was pretty good. I got clear of everybody and thought at that point, if we stayed green, we were going to be pretty good, but we had all those cautions. Every caution, I was on the inside and that just killed me.  So to come home 13th is pretty good because at about [lap] 150, I thought we were going to be 25th, but also had a point where I thought we would be seventh.  Good points day. There were a lot of mistakes around us. I did everything I could. The guys fought hard. Proud of everybody on this Bush’s Beans Chevy.  We are all digging hard. We are trying to be the little team that could." - AJ Allmendinger, finished 13th

"This place just doesn’t like us this year for whatever reason.  Both races this year, we just had a lot of strange things happen to us.  Today, we were fighting hard like we have been all day long, putting a great car out there.  It’s hard to get track position on the No. 22 and the No. 4 and even the No. 2 there, but I mean, I was real happy with the car. I thought we had an awesome race car, but it doesn’t matter if you blow a right-front tire.  I’m pretty sure we cut something.  I felt it go down about three-quarters of the way down the front straightaway and there is just nothing you can do.  Just go along for the ride and hope the damage isn’t too bad, which we were very fortunate to still end up on the lead lap, I guess." - Jeff Gordon, finished 26th

"We somehow couldn’t get fuel in the car or there was something going on — I’m not sure what it is.  Couldn’t get fuel in it and that pretty much set the tone for the rest of our day.  Gosh, you just can’t have any mistakes in this three-race deal — from the driver, from the crew, the team — no one can really make a mistake in three races and unfortunately no one did, it’s just we had a mechanical failure that really hasn’t bitten us in a while and it’s untimely, but we’re going to keep digging.  Frustrating to say the least, obviously we are looking to stretch things out here.  We had a great car running top two all day and it’s just part of it." - Denny Hamlin, finished 37th

"I blew a left front.  We were all just racing really, really hard on that restart.  Everybody was bouncing off each other.  I don’t know who hit my left front, but it got a fender rub and just blew the left front going down the front straightaway.  I was trying to get it slowed down as much as I could, but it wasn’t gonna turn, so I just hit the wall." - Ricky Stenhouse, Jr., finished 39th (crashed out)


Thinkin' Out Loud: Sylvania 300 - Joey Logano Punches His Ticket While Others Punch the Wall
by Mike Neff

Pace Laps: Chase Mess, Justin Boston's Nationwide Debut, Cole Custer Makes History & More
by the Frontstretch Staff

by Joseph Wolkin

by Beth Lunkenheimer

Courteousy The Stock Car Gazette (http://MotorSportsNews.Net )
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Stock Car Gazette
Tony Stewart Will Be Indicted - Here's Why
by Stephen Cox

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Indianapolis Star
During Kentucky Speedway's June NASCAR weekend, the inside car often hit a dip Simendinger said was "beyond the level of tolerance.".
Times Colonist
LOUDON, N.H. - Yes, even Dick Vitale has endorsed NASCAR's new ... there's a driver out there who can dethrone NASCAR's hottest driver). But not ...
NASCAR Sprint Cup cars take the green flag in the Sylvania 300 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway this afternoon (ESPN, 2 p.m.). The 300-lap race ...
  C O L U M N S / C O M M E N T A R I E S


Logano Lands A Big One

Joey Logano was happy enough to advance to the next round of NASCAR's playoffs with Sunday's win
at New Hampshire. That he did it at what he considers his home track? Icing on the cake. K. Lee Davis »

Courteousy ( ): 

Penske Locks Second Team Into Next Round Of The Chase

Joey Logano scored his first Chase victory at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in the Sylvania 300 today by holding off Kyle Larson and Kevin Harvick. It was Logano's seventh career win and his fourth of the season. The victory locks both Penske teams into the next round of the Chase.

Another Comeback for Truex Jr. After Being Multiple Laps Down

“The guys didn’t quit on me today and I’m driving my heart out,” said Truex. “Though we made good adjustments today and came through at the end, we struggled for most of the weekend and need to work out some issues. But the guys worked hard and kept on making the car better.”

Brendan Gaughan Powers his way to the Win at Kentucky Speedway

Brendan Gaughan won his second Nationwide Series race of the 2014 season passing Chase Elliott and teammate Ty Dillon for the lead late in the 300 at the Kentucky Speedway Saturday night. His other victory was at Road America in June.

Broken Stud Hampers Kennedy in Truck Series Return to New Hampshire

Ben Kennedy was looking to follow up last weekend's top-10 finish with another solid run in the Chevrolet, but his momentum was stalled by a broken stud in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series' (NCWTS) return to New Hampshire Motor Speedway.


  News & Results from the "All Star Cup Shootout" @ New Egypt Speedway ( are posted ! See my New Egypt Speedway News Page 3:New Egypt Speedway News Page 3 !  , for all the details !

Courteousy  Amanda Vincent
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Logano secures berth in second Chase round with New Hampshire win
Amanda Vincent


Logano Emerges For Win

The field fought through 15 cautions at New Hampshire on Sunday before Joey Logano broke through and locked up his spot in the next round of the Chase. Story » Results » Logano on victoryVideo 

Courteousy FOX Sports

Courteousy Bleacher ( ):

By R. Cory Smith  

 Results and Analysis from Sylvania 300     

Courteousy USA (

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Hamlin, Chase drivers take hits at New Hampshire

Courteousy FOX Sports

News & Results from "Fan Appreciation Night" @ Wall Stadium Speedway ( are posted ! See my Wall Stadium 2014 page : Wall Stadium Speedway 2014 Part II , for the details !

Courteousy Amanda Vincent
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Winning vs. consistency: how to win the NASCAR Chase
Amanda Vincent

Courteousy The Stock Car Gazette (http://MotorSportsNews.Net)
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SPARTA, Ky. – Nationwide Series points leader Chase Elliott has run fewer than 50 NASCAR national series races between this year and last season, ...
New York Times (blog)
SUNDAY'S PUZZLE — For a puzzle whose title purports to be about racecars, this one had me singing while I solved. We have Michael Ashley's 
News& Observer
Meet Hall of Famers and enjoy NASCAR's last remaining dirt track at a 2-day event Sept. 26 and 27 in Orange County. LAVERNE ZACHARY ...

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Courteousy Amanda Vincent
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Brendan Gaughan scores Nationwide win at Kentucky
Amanda Vincent

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Courteousy Bleacher ( ):      

What Could 2nd Title Do for Keselowski's Legacy?

Courteousy (

Cole Custer out dueled some veterans of the Camping World Truck Series on a restart with four laps remaining to become the youngest victor in a NASCAR touring series. Custer is 16 years, 7 months and 28 days old and on this day his truck was the class of the field.


Another great night of racing @ Wall Stadium Speedway ! Congrats to Steven Reed on winning the Modified Main Event !

Brendan Gaughan

Gaughan's Great Night

While rookies Chase Elliott and Ty Dillon were busy battling for the lead on late restart Saturday, Brendan Gaughan took advantage for his second win of the season. Recap » Results » The RundownVideo 

Keselowski On A Roll

Brad Keselowski is coming off two wins and looks like the odds-on favorite to make it three in a row at
New Hampshire. It's never that easy. K. Lee Davis » Notes » Racing Live! 2 p.m. ET » PreviewVideo 

Courteousy Amanda Vincent
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Ty Dillon claims Nationwide pole at Kentucky
Amanda Vincent

Cole Custer leads the  charge to victory @ NHIS !  Darryl Wallace Jr.-2nd. Matt Crafton -3rd . Complete results / details here :

Courteousy Amanda Vincent (Thanks Amanda ! ) :

Dominant performance leads to Cole Custer's first truck win
Amanda Vincent

Custer stands tall

 2 articles , courteousy Amanda Vincent
(Thanks Amanda !!):

Statistically speaking: a look at New Hampshire Motor Speedway

Cole Custer gets truck pole at New Hampshire
Amanda Vincent

Wall Stadium Speedway ( is where I shall be today for : "Fan Appreciation Night" ! 

I'll be wearing a red # 9 Kasey Kahne / Bud hat and  a black Track "I'm Not Speeding. I'm Qualifying" t-shirt. But with a sweater (probably something Giants ,or  Yankees ),and ,or ,a light jacket (probably something Yankees ) at the ready ! 
Sitting  high over the beginning of the frontstretch on a red/white folding cushion . Next to a red/white cooler with a red # 21 Pilot Motorsports sportsman sticker on it.

See my Wall Stadium 2014 page :Wall Stadium Speedway 2014 Part II  , for all the details !

"All Star Cup Shootout" @ New Egypt Speedway ( tonight ! See my New Egypt Speedway News Page 3 :New Egypt Speedway News Page 3 !  , for the exciting details !

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Beyond the Flag
It has been over 10 years since the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series raced at Rockingham Speedway. Many fans would say that NASCAR leaving the track 
Charlotte Observer
She grew up as a NASCAR brat, riding the circuit since the days she was headlight high. Now Wendy Venturini is one of the sport's most prominent ...

Mooresville Tribune
DAYTONA BEACH, FL - FEBRUARY 13: NASCAR Nationwide Series driver Ty Dillon poses for a portrait during the 2014 NASCAR Media Day at ...
While the NASCAR Sprint Cup and Camping World Truck Series are up in New Hampshire, the Nationwide Series has started its stand-alone ...

Cole Custer wins pole, sets track record

Courteousy Amanda Vincent
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Skirts and suspensions: can't Team Penske and Hendrick Motorsports just get along?
Amanda Vincent

Courteousy Yahoo Sports

Shakeup at BK Racing: Ryan Truex out of a ride

 McDowell hopes to hold serve for Penske

This weekend at Kentucky Speedway, McDowell will be in that No. 22 for the 300 as he continues to hunt down his first Nationwide victory. Aside from his own aspirations of a win, McDowell's job is also to keep owner Roger Penske atop the owner

Hamlin looks for 'magic' repeat in Loudon

Memories of 2012 conjured with trip to New Hampshire Brad Keselowski ruled at New Hampshire in July. The hot streak continued with Keselowski's fifth win of the season

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Courteousy Amanda Vincent
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Ice picks New Hampshire Motor Speedway -- Fantasy Insider
written by Joe Nieves
submitted by Amanda Vincent


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Newman On Point At NHMS
Captured Whelen Modified Tour Coors Light Pole For F.W. Webb 100

Courteousy FOX ( ) :

Stewart slogs through tough day at New Hampshire

Keselowski: Sending Stewart-Ward Jr. case to grand jury 'a cop-out'


Keselowski aims for another win at New Hampshire

Courteousy Amanda Vincent
(Thanks Amanda !):
Brad Keselowski racks up another pole at New Hampshire
Amanda Vincent


Chase Barrels Into Loudon

The new Chase format has Brad Keselowski on edge. Jimmie Johnson, too. What are the other hot topics
at New Hampshire? Our guy K. Lee Davis is all over it. Notebook »

Courteousy The

Frontstretch Folio: Sylvania 300
by Brad Morgan

The Sprint Cup Series travels back to New Hampshire Motor Speedway for the 28th race of the 2014 season and second of the Chase on Sunday, Sept. 21. Television coverage of the Sylvania 300 begins at 2 PM ET on ESPN; your local Performance Racing Network (PRN) affiliate and SiriusXM Radio Channel 90 will handle the radio broadcast. Drivers will compete for at least 300 laps (317.4 miles) before the checkered flag waves.

Records and Facts

Brad Keselowski is the defending New Hampshire winner, after leading 138 laps in July. He returns to NHMS in search of another victory as the leader in the Chase for the Sprint Cup standings. If Keselowski were to sweep, he would join Kurt Busch and Jimmie Johnson as the only drivers to do so.

Danica Patrick is the only female driver to compete at NHMS in a NSCS event.

The closest finish in a NSCS event at NHMS is the 0.068-second margin of victory by Denny Hamlin over Jeff Gordon in 2007.

Track Facts

Track Length: 1.058-mile oval
Pit Road Speed: 35 mph
Degree of Banking: 12 degrees
Frontstretch: 1500 ft., 2 degrees of banking
Backstretch: 1500 ft., 2 degrees of banking
Grandstand Seating: 95,491

Pre-race Schedule

Friday, September 19, 12:00 - 1:20 p.m. ET on FOX Sports 1
Saturday, September 20, 9:00 - 9:50 a.m. ET on FOX Sports 1

Happy Hour: Saturday, September 20, 11:30 a.m. - 12:20 p.m. ET on FOX Sports 1

Qualifying: Friday, September 19 at 4:40 p.m. ET on FOX Sports 1


Race Festivities/Officials:
Grand Marshal: TBA
Command to start engines: TBA
Honorary Starter/Wave Green Flag: TBA
Invocation: TBA
National Anthem: TBA
Flyover: Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

Race Day Forecast

Sunday: Partly Cloudy
High: 79
Low: 54

They Said It:

“Last weekend was so heartbreaking, but it confirmed what we already knew in that we belong in this Chase. Now, we have to regroup and change our goal to winning. There is a possibility of getting in on points, but it is slim, so we need to focus on winning. New Hampshire isn’t our best track in The Chase. I don’t think we learned much in the July race that we can transfer to this weekend. We really need to start fresh. It is the one track I have been nervous about in The Chase. I enjoy racing at New Hampshire and have run well there in the past. For whatever reason, the last couple of years we have had a hard time getting a hold of that race track. Hopefully, Trent (Owens) and the boys will come up with something that will turn the middle like we need to and drive off the corners, and we’ll have a good day. At this point, we need to do whatever we can to win the race.” - Aric Almirola

“I think it’s just optimism that we can run well [at New Hamphsire] with our M&M’s Camry. It’s a tough place to pass and can be really aggravating at times. You want to be able to pass that guy in front of you because you know that you are faster than them, but the way the air works and it being one groove, it makes it tough. It makes it hard for a guy to makes moves and get up to the front where they think they should be.” - Kyle Busch

“You don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself, but I believe that as soon as I saw this grid and how it all worked out and the Chase tracks I was like, ‘Wow, this is like tailor-made for us.’ It really is, we just have to get to that eliminator eight or whatever it’s called and that’s when we get into the wheelhouse of our race tracks that we’ve performed at in the past. I think that if we can make it to Homestead and have a shot, we go from being the extreme underdogs going into this probably to the favorite being that we’ve won there over the last couple years. Who knows how it all plays out. You have to get there first and you can’t look that far ahead. You have to be consistent I believe these first two rounds and get yourself in position for those last four races.” - Denny Hamlin

“It felt good coming into the Chase as the top-seed and it feels very good to know that we’ve advanced to the next round with two races to go. Looking ahead to this weekend, the Miller Lite Ford was strong here earlier this year so we will do our best to keep that going. We have good momentum right now, and we know that we have to keep developing the car and pushing as a team, whether it’s on pit road, handling, spec or driver tactics. We’re just going to stay focused, keep working and see what happens.” - Brad Keselowski

“In my opinion, New Hampshire is a bigger version of Martinsville Speedway. It has the long straightaways and tight corners. It’s a short race and I think that is probably the biggest thing because you have maybe three opportunities on pit road to either gain some spots, or lose some spots, and you need to make the best of that. It’s a different kind of race because the shortness of the race and the number of laps you put on a set of tires.” - Ryan Newman


Tech Talk: Tony Gibson on Making It Turn, Driving it Off & Tires That Give Up
by Mike Neff

Nuts for Nationwide: Making the Most of an Opportunity for Justin Boston
by Joseph Wolkin

Jimmie Johnson's for 7 Finds Him At His Most Vulnerable Yet
by Justin Tucker

Friday Faceoff: Frontrunners, Backmarkers, and a Seat to Fill
by Frontstretch Staff

Frontstretch Foto Funnies: Simon Says You're Out
by Frontstretch Staff

Courteousy USA (

Kyle Larson confident that first Sprint Cup win is near

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Ryan: Stewart saga keeps NASCAR reeling

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Bridgeport Speedway News !

( ),and Friday /tonight plans !

5/8 mile track TO-NITE !

Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman, & Outlaw Stocks. Pits open at 5:30, Grandstands open at 6:30, Racing starts at 8! Grandstand Prices - Adults $18, Students $10, Kids 9 & under FREE. Raindate - 9/21

2 articles,  courteousy Amanda Vincent
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NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at New Hampshire Motor Speedway: entry list

Amanda Vincent

Courteousy Sporting (

Courteousy The Stock Car Gazette (http://MotorSportsNews.Net)
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A Forbes story earlier this year said NASCAR organizations — with a collective worth of more than $1.25 billion — are worth an average of $140 ...
Torrington Register Citizen
NASCAR's Jeff Gordon, Kasey Kahne, and Hendrick Motorsports owner Rick Hendrick speak at Lime Rock Park Thursday as part of the park's Drive to ...
Boston Globe
It's a decent financial bump for NASCAR, which has seen a decline in Sprint Cup ratings in recent years. But for those at ESPN such as play-by-play ...
SportsPro Media
Country Bob's, the all-purpose sauces and seasonings company, will be the primary sponsor of Brian Scott's Richard Childress Racing Nascar ...
The Flint Journal
Swartz Creek Academy's Erik Jones, center, takes part in a graduation ceremony on the stage during driver introductions for a NASCAR truck race at ...
The first driver ever hired by team owner Jack Roush when he began his NASCAR organization in 1988, Martin recently was named as a driver ...
N A S C A R * C A N A D I A N * T I R E * S E R I E S
Toronto Star
Earl Ross, the only Canadian to win a NASCAR Winston Cup race and a member of the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame, died Thursday. He was 73 ...

 2 articles,courteousy Amanda Vincent
 (Thanks Amanda !!):

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series at New Hampshire Motor Speedway: entry list

Amanda Vincent


Courteousy ( ):

Hot 20 – Could the Best at Loudon and Dover be a Non-Chaser?

New Hampshire is the next stop on the Chase tour, and if anyone needs to rewrite expectations it would be Aric Almirola and AJ Allmendinger. Both have not done well at Loudon in the past, though Almirola was fifth in the race 15 months ago and the Dinger has one Top Ten.


Courteousy ( NASCAR statement on the passing of Earl Ross

Retirement? No way, Gordon all-in on drive for five 

Call of home lures Ambrose away from NASCAR 

NASCAR Illustrated: Up Front with AJ Allmendinger 

 New Hampshire Contender Round clinching scenarios

Hornish, McDowell return with owners points in tight race

Mason Mingus to drive Billy Boat Motorsports truck entry

Crafton on pace for championship repeat

Keelan Harvick looks like a racing protégé

Courteousy FOX Sports

Danger zone: It's time for several Chase drivers to step on the gas

Courteousy USA (

Read Story

Michael Waltrip calls out Dale Jr. on DWTS


Is Keselowski King?

With back-to-back wins at Richmond and Chicagoland, is there any way Chase leader Brad Keselowski
does not reign supreme in Ryan McGee's Sprint Cup Power Rankings? Ranks » Turn 4 TV: GordonVideo 

Courteousy Bleacher (

How Long Will Keselowski's Hot Streak Last?

Courteousy The

Entry List Update:
Note: These entries are accurate as of Wednesday night.  However, they are still subject to change.

Sprint Cup Series Sylvania 300: 43 cars entered


Drivers Ineligible to Earn Points:
No. 40
- Landon Cassill for Hillman Racing

No. 66 - Mike Wallace for Michael Waltrip Racing/Identity Ventures Racing
No. 77 - Corey LaJoie for Randy Humphrey Racing

Driver Changes:
No. 32
- Timmy Hill returns to the seat, replacing Joey Gase. Hill is running a limited schedule with the team based on funding, returning to the organization that ran him for much of his rookie season last year.
No. 33 - David Stremme returns to the seat, replacing Travis Kvapil. Stremme is running a limited schedule with the team based on funding.

No. 66 - Mike Wallace is in the seat, replacing Joe Nemechek. Wallace is running the car on a one-race deal, attempting to qualify for his first Sprint Cup race in five years.
No. 77 - Corey LaJoie is in the seat, replacing Joe Nemechek.  LaJoie will be making his Sprint Cup Series debut, auditioning for a limited schedule with the organization for later this season.

No. 93 - Travis Kvapil is in the seat, replacing JJ Yeley. Kvapil is in the fourth, start-and-park BK Racing car.

Since there are only 43 entries, no one will fail to qualify.


Not Entered:

No. 37 - Mike Bliss for Tommy Baldwin Racing
No. 95 - Michael McDowell for Leavine Family Racing

Nationwide Series 300: 41 cars entered


Drivers Ineligible to Earn Points:
No. 20
- Justin Boston for Joe Gibbs Racing

No. 22 - Michael McDowell for Team Penske

No. 31 - Chase Pistone for Turner Scott Motorsports

No. 33 - Cale Conley for Richard Childress Racing

No. 80 - Ross Chastain for HRE Motorsports


Driver Changes:

No. 5 - Austin Theriault returns to the seat, replacing Kevin Harvick. Thierault is running a limited schedule based on sponsorship.
No. 10 - Jeff Green returns to the seat, replacing Blake Koch. This car will start-and-park for Tri-Star.

No. 20 - Justin Boston is in the seat, replacing Denny Hamlin.  Boston will be making his Nationwide Series debut.

No. 22 - Michael McDowell is in the seat, replacing Ryan Blaney. McDowell is running a limited schedule for Penske Racing.

No. 23 - Carlos Contreras returns to the seat, replacing Cody Ware. Contreras is running a limited schedule for Rick Ware.

No. 31 - Chase Pistone returns to the seat, replacing Dylan Kwasniewski. Pistone is running a limited schedule for Turner Scott, jumping in for races where Kyle Larson does not run.
No. 33 - Cale Conley returns to the seat, replacing Paul Menard. Conley is running a limited schedule for Richard Childress Racing.
No. 42 - Dylan Kwasniewski returns to the seat, replacing Kyle Larson. Kwasniewski moves to Turner Scott's primary car with Kyle Larson running New Hampshire in the Cup Series.

No. 44 - Blake Koch returns to the seat, replacing Will Kimmel. Koch will run the distance.

No. 54 - Sam Hornish, Jr. returns to the seat, replacing Kyle Busch. Hornish continues his seven-race schedule for Joe Gibbs Racing, running events where Kyle Busch is unable to commit.

No. 55 - Jamie Dick returns to the seat, replacing Brennan Newberry. Dick is the primary driver of this car.

No. 93 - Mike Wallace returns to the seat, replacing Kevin Swindell. Wallace is the primary driver of this car when funding doesn't bump him out of the seat.

Drivers who must qualify on speed:
No. 5
- Austin Theriault for JR Motorsports

No. 10 - Jeff Green for TriStar Motorsports (Guaranteed to start via the Past Champions’ Provisional)*

No. 13 - Carl Long for Carl Long Racing

No. 17 - Tanner Berryhill for Vision Racing

No. 33 - Cale Conley for Richard Childress Racing

No. 46 - Ryan Ellis for The Motorsports Group*

No. 70 - Derrike Cope for Derrike Cope Racing
No. 72 - John Jackson for Carter Motorsports*

No. 74 - Mike Harmon for Mike Harmon Racing*

No. 80 - Ross Chastain for HRE Motorsports

No. 89 - Morgan Shepherd for Shepherd Motor Ventures*


Not Entered:

No. 29 - Daniel Suarez for RAB Racing with Brack Maggard

No. 90 - Martin Roy for DGR Motorsports
No. 98 - Aric Almirola for Biagi-DenBeste Racing


Camping World Truck Series UNOH 175: 30 trucks entered

Drivers Ineligible to Earn Points: None

Driver Changes:

No. 07 - B.J. McLeod returns to the seat, replacing Todd Shafer. It's unknown if McLeod will complete the distance.
No. 8 - John Hunter Nemechek returns to the seat, replacing his father Joe Nemechek. John Hunter continues to run at all NASCAR-approved tracks for drivers undr 18.
No. 20 - Gray Gaulding returns to the seat, replacing Austin Dillon. Gaulding is running a limited schedule based on funding.
No. 32 - Cameron Hayley returns to the seat, replacing Tayler Malsam. Hayley is running a limited schedule for Turner Scott based on funding.
No. 36 - Justin Jennings returns to the seat, replacing Scott Stenzel. This truck will start and park.
No. 63 - JR Heffner returns to the seat, replacing Justin Jennings. Heffner is running an oval race after dirt tracking for the team at Eldora earlier this summer.

No. 74 - An unknown driver will be in the seat, replacing Mike Harmon. Harmon's truck has typically started and parked as of late.

Since there are only 30 trucks entered, no one will fail to qualify.  However, these drivers must still qualify on speed:
No. 05
- John Wes Townley for Athenian Motorsports

No. 0 - Caleb Roark for JJC Racing*

No. 36 - Justin Jennings for MB Motorsports
No. 74 - Unknown driver for Mike Harmon Racing

No. 86 - Brandon Brown for Brown Motorsports


Not Entered:

No. 03 - Mike Affarano for Affarano Motorsports
No. 12 - Ted Minor for Cefalia Motorsports

No. 40 - Todd Peck for Peck Motorsports

No. 57 - Adam Edwards for Norm Benning Racing

Today's Featured Commentary

Potts' Shots for the Week of September 15
Potts' Shots
by John Potts

Let me start off by saying I have never been a big fan of the Chase.  Probably also means I’m not particularly enamored with the new format, either.  If you like it, fine.  I know it was Brian France’s attempt to direct more attention to NASCAR as the NFL season opened, and it hasn’t particularly worked out.

Especially the way the NFL continues to draw more attention to itself off the playing field.  First we get the Ray Rice mess, in which the commissioner completely blew the penalty the first time, and then along comes the Adrian Peterson matter.  Any of you folks ever get your behind or legs switched when you were little and misbehaved?  I know I did.  I had some marks on my legs a lot worse tha
n Peterson’s kid.
Oh well, I apologize for getting off the subject.  Some things just get my attention.  So I tuned in on Sunday hoping that
the racing would get my attention, compared to hearing about somebody’s off-track transgressions.  I did manage to recall that a driver got penalized a couple of races some time back for a domestic abuse case as I settled down in the recliner.  The pre-race talk was particularly interesting to me, especially the comments some of them had regarding their usual trips through the garage area trying to gauge the feelings of competitors.

A lot of the talk centered around the changes some crews had made in the hope that they improved their driver’s chances in the race.  Steve Letarte told Jerry Punch he’d been up all night, and I can understand that.
Apparently, after the race got rolling, a lot of the chatter on radios was about crews going back and forth with their changes, and what they were going to do if and when they got into “clean air.”

That brought a thought into my mind. What can we do about this “clean air” business?  It apparently gives a tremendous advantage to the car that’s out there, but I’m not too sure it had anything to do with the eventual winner on Sunday.  Brad Keselowski was obviously driving the fastest car, and he was also doing some outstanding driving.  His last pass for the lead between Kevin Harvick and Kyle Larson was a thing of beauty, as well as a heck of a move.

I thought maybe
Keselowski wouldn’t have caught them so easily if they hadn’t been fighting for the position themselves, but how do you prevent that?  The same result seemed to apply when Jeff Gordon got there to take over second.  They were still battling while Keselowski checked out.

Not sure what can be done to equalize the “clean air” deal.  It seems to be a product of the cars all being equalized.
I liked the comment by Lars
on’s crew chief at one point – “Clear, shut the door.”  Before that, there was a good one from the Harvick camp, prior to a restart – “Make sure you don’t go early.”
The caution in the final laps was disappointing, but aren’t they all?  After the race,
my son, Matt, walked in and said he thought it was time to do away with the late-race cautions.  I don’t know how you do that, but after a night or so of thinking about it I had another one of my harebrained ideas.

How about when we get inside the last fuel window, and after everybody has enough of that fantastic Sunoco stuff to go the distance, we throw a competition caution.  All the drivers still in the Chase stay out, along with anybody else in the top 10 who is not in the
postseason.  Everybody else heads for the garage.  They get paid for where they were running when the caution waved.

Now, we’ve got
16 cars or less out there who have a real ax to grind, and no tail-markers to get in the way or into each other like the two lovers did on Sunday (and if that deal is still on, I’ll bet it was on unsteady footing for a day or so).

Then, we run it like an enduro on a short track.  Unless the track is blocked, or there is a specific danger, no yellows.  Not for somebody brushing the wall or slowing down on the track.  Instructions would be given to the drivers that if you don’t think you’re doing to be able to continue and can’t make it to the pits, get down in the grass.

We did something similar to this with ASA at Milwaukee back in the '80s. One race up there, we were having trouble with drivers stopping on the track and causing a yellow.  Rex Robbins solved it at the next program by pointing out all the spots on that mile where a car could pull into the infield.

He told them, “If you pull into one of those spots so we don’t have to go yellow, we’ll send a wrecker across the infield as quick as we can. If you don’t and stop on the track, we’re gonna send a wrecker out to push you to one of those pulloffs, and then leave you. You’ll sit there until the race is over.”

It worked.



by Kevin Rutherford

by Ashley McCubbin

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